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True fashion enthusiasts can easily recognize the spark of genius in Balenciaga Vintage collections with their pioneering designs and crème de la crème craftsmanship. No matter whether you have a serious passion for fashion – or just really like the way you feel when you dress in clothes that express your personal style – chances are high you will find something that suits you to a tee in the unique assortment of pre-worn and vintage styles at Miinto.

If you are looking for a hoodie, cargo pants, leather shoes, a sleeveless dress or sneakers, the extensive collections of Balenciaga Vintage feature a large variety of select womenswear and menswear, as well as footwear and accessories. Shopping the vintage section holds special appeal, since each item is one-of-a-kind and usually only available as that single, particular item.

Balenciaga Vintage

A brand that is nearly synonymous with fashion itself, the luxury Spanish fashion house has well-established roots going as far back as the year 1919. Recently celebrating over 100 years of luminous, avant-garde looks, the exclusive brand has certainly made a name for itself the world over. It comes as no surprise that after so many years of exquisite designs and trend-setting aesthetics, select items from the luxury fashion house reenter the market as vintage and pre-owned favourites.

The Spanish brand’s haute-couture line-up includes ready-to-wear dresses, outerwear, hoodies, tops and bottoms, as well as bags, card holders, footwear and plenty of other accessories. When you opt for Balenciaga Vintage, you are investing in top-notch craftsmanship and ground-breaking designs while also supporting the environment by choosing to reuse. A win-win situation when you get such superlative fashion that is both eco-friendly as well as more affordable than buying something totally new.

Fashion-forward styling tips

Balenciaga vintage collections feature a veritable treasure trove of unique looks and choice garments. With so many exquisite items to choose from, the thing that can be most difficult is deciding which ones you like the most. When you have eventually settled on the clothes and accessories that you feel represents your style and personal vibe in the best way, the next task is finding out how to style and coordinate them with the rest of your wardrobe.

If you have decided to go with a Balenciaga vintage look, it can be a good idea to style the rest of your outfit to highlight the exclusive brand’s bold, luminous aesthetic. For example, let’s take the iconic sack dress. You can wear classic high heels in the same colour and simple jewellery to bring attention to the signature look of the dress. Or, if you want to add extra glam, pair it with a rose-gold coloured bomber for a chic evening look. Say you are going for a bold, masculine vibe and have chosen black sneakers with the Balenciaga logo in red at the sides – try pairing them with your favourite jeans and a white t-shirt for a casual weekend look, or style with slim black pants and a black turtleneck for a sleek, sporty aesthetic.

Redefining fashion for decades

Have you perhaps had your eye out for a little black dress or possibly a sack dress? You might just find the one you love in the Balenciaga vintage collections at Miinto. Did you know that besides being an easy, go-to fashion choice, the sack dress has a fascinating history behind it? Balenciaga redefined womenswear in the 1950’s, creating dresses with sharp, linear silhouettes rather than the hourglass aesthetic that Dior produced. The trend caught on like wildfire and caused the next generation of dresses in the 1960’s to mimic the style.

The sack dress is a short, loose dress that floats over the form rather than following its contours. Balenciaga as well as Givenchy were inspired by bold, raw looks. They transformed the sack dress into an icon of haute-couture, an ingenious feat considering how the sack dress originally developed. According to some sources, the sack dress served as loungewear for women in the middle of the 18th century, which was especially useful for pregnant women since the dress skimmed easily over the midsection. Another account of the sack dress ties its origins to the mid-19th century and the Great Depression, when women would use fabric sacks that had been the packaging for flour and other products to make dresses. Along with the Balenciaga vintage sack dress, other trademark styles from the designer include special collar designs, where the collar stands away from the collarbone to accent the neck area, and shortened “bracelet sleeves.”

Miinto – a single platform for all your fashion faves

At Miinto, we make it possible for you to get the exclusive designer items you love, all on a single platform. And with our selection of vintage items – and of course our Balenciaga vintage picks – you can even get the retro and pre-owned one-of-a-kind looks at more affordable prices while helping to protect our precious natural resources. When buying vintage, it can be a challenge to ascertain whether something is authentic or not. At Miinto, you can rest assured that all of the pre-owned and vintage items we offer are 100 percent genuine. We carefully document the items inside and out, so you can clearly see the exquisite quality in stitching details, the premium materials, as well as the signature logos.

We select our boutique partners with utmost care and always keep our customers in mind when choosing which items to feature on our website. We understand the importance of feeling good in the clothes you choose to wear, so we put our experience and knowledge to the task with full force. The result is pretty fantastic, if we do say so ourselves – we feel our best when we know our customers are looking and feeling their best in the clothes and accessories they purchase at Miinto. So whether you’re looking for a pair of Gucci boots, a Liu Jo blouse, or a little something special from Balenciaga vintage, our extensive range of fashion-forward items offers plenty of options that we think you might just fall in love with.

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Balenciaga Vintage

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