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Gucci is the iconic fashion brand that has been at the top of their game for over a century, but started from humble beginnings in the early 1920s. With worldwide success, and being worn by the likes of royalty, celebrities, A-listers, and politicians, they are one of the most sought-after brands. Words such as ‘extravagant’, ‘elegant’, and ‘luxurious’ are all synonymous with this fashion brand, who are mostly recognised for their iconic bags and shoes. With a focus on high-quality, handcrafted, and unique details, their products remain popular throughout the globe. With hundreds of options here at Miinto, we give you a choice to finally bring home your most sought-after Gucci vintage pieces.

Foundations for the Fashion House

Guccio Gucci originally founded the fashion brand in 1921 in Florence, Italy. He worked in a high-end hotel as a bell boy, and it was there where he learned about the taste of the wealthy and high class by unloading and reloading their luggage. He also worked on trains before transitioning to work for a fine luggage maker, and through all of this experience Gucci was born. He opened up his own small workshop to create handcrafted leather goods, and when leather became hard to come by, he adapted by making bags with wicker, wood, linen and other available materials.

Over time, Gucci picked up speed and was the talk of the town; the brand expanded into clothing, houseware, and many other items. With their authenticity, unique designs, and well-made pieces, they were soon opening stores all over the world.

Vintage Gucci bags

For every season, new styles and unique purses and bags are launched and quickly snatched off the market. If you’ve been on the lookout for your dream bag, you might find it in our inventory. We have all kinds of Gucci vintage bags from throughout the years, in various sizes, materials, colours, prices, and designs. Whether you are looking for a shoulder bag, hand bag, clutch, backpack, or something totally different, we have the timeless pieces you need. There is always time to treat yourself, and you deserve it.

When you make your purchase, you’re not just paying for a bag, you’re paying for quality, meticulous detail crafted by seasoned hands, and a timeless piece that was cared for and will also continue to last. Maybe you’re looking for an oversized shoulder bag to replace your current choice, with plenty of room to hold everything you need for the day-to-day? Or perhaps you would rather have a small gorgeous clutch from the 1960s to put on display? Whatever you need, we have a huge selection, and we are constantly adding new products every day.

High quality at high fashion perfect prices

From its beginning, Gucci has emphasised luxury and quality across every part of the brand. By using the finest leather with patented and innovative tanning techniques, and hiring expert leather workers with hands that have crafted for decades, Gucci has always valued quality. Whether it’s a vintage skirt with reinforced stitching, or a pair of sunglasses to keep you looking cool on a bright day, every piece you see is made with the quality and workmanship Gucci is known for.

Gucci has high standards for its products and so do we. We know if you’ve saved up for your dream piece whether it’s a bag, dress, watch, or pair of shoes, you will want to be sure it’s a safe buy. We make sure all our products are authentic by partnering with shops we know and trust, and if available, we’ll include authenticity cards, certificates, or other things in your parcel if it was provided to us. We also allow returns on vintage items if, for whatever reason, your purchase did not meet your expectations.

The perfect pair of Gucci vintage shoes

If you’re looking for stilettos, thigh-high boots, loafers, or vintage Gucci heels, we have a huge selection of shoes to search through to find your perfect pair. Just be sure to sort by your size, popularity and price to easily bring home your next purchase. Gucci is well known for bringing luxury into everyday life. If you’re looking to elevate your everyday look, purchasing a pair of the name-brand trainers can give you a cool and comfortable edge to your style. If you want something special for nights out, throw on a pair of bright-coloured platforms to give a playful spin on a sexy dress. If you want something easy for the office, a sleek loafer paired with a shirt and chino trousers are a sure way to make your everyday a little more special.

To stay stylish in the winter, pull on a pair of warm boots with soft insoles and quality that has lasted and will last for years to come. Or keep your feet cosy around the house with gorgeous vintage slippers that will have you feeling like royalty. Gucci’s shoes are known for being unique and allow you the opportunity for experimentation and expression in your outfits. Whatever the style, colour, pattern, or type, bringing home a pair of designer shoes is something that will bring a smile to your face and to your wardrobe.

Accessories for every occasion

We can’t forget about accessories, and they are an easy way to add a delicate and lush look to an outfit. They bring pieces together, and take an everyday look to a night out in seconds. Maybe you’ve been on the hunt for a pair of vintage Gucci Sunglasses you haven’t been able to find anywhere else, a pair that will make you feel like a 1960s movie star? Or perhaps you lost your favourite scarf that was a limited edition? We bring hundreds of options with new products every day to add to your wardrobe. A pastel belt with the famous logo we all know and love can add colour and allow you to play with textures in your outfit. Or a warm and cosy hat can add some much-needed elegance to the drab winter weather.

At Miinto, whatever vintage Gucci piece you bring home, we know you’ll love it. With free shipping with a spend of over £100, and options to deliver directly to your door, we make shopping easy with thousands of choices right at your fingertips.

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