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Every fashion-conscious woman should have at least two pairs of great jeans in her closet. A pair of black and a pair of classic blue jeans are virtually indispensable as they can be styled in a multitude of different ways depending on the occasion.

Jeans are a fashion classic that fits pretty much anything. They are simply an essential part of the completed wardrobe. Jeans come in an array of different colours and fits, and you can therefore find models that fit your personal style and physique perfectly.

Whether you are going to a party, to work or out to dinner with your girlfriends, you can show up wearing cool jeans. Your jeans will therefore most likely also save you from lots of outfit crises in their lifetime.

Since you are going to use your jeans over and over, you should do yourself a favour and invest in a pair of great ones. Few things are worse than uncomfortable jeans; a pair that are either too tight or too loose is almost unbearable to wear.

Just as uncomfortable as it is to wear jeans that do not fit properly, just as amazing is it to pull on the perfect pair. Here at Miinto, we have collected a large number of different jeans from some of the leading brands on the market. This will hopefully make it a little easier for you to find your new favourite pair.

Find your perfect jeans fit

Jeans are suitable for everyone - both for women with curves and petite women. It's just a matter of finding the right fit. At Miinto, you can find everything from high-waisted jeans with stretch to low-waisted jeans with holes. This jeans guide aims to help you navigate the jeans jungle, as we take a closer look at the different styles.

Skinny jeans are, as the name suggests, tight-fitting jeans that highlight your figure by contouring your legs and hips. Typically, they are made of stretchy denim, which makes them comfortable to wear and move in.

Straight leg jeans have a classic cut that suits any style. Straight jeans are neither too loose nor too tight. They simply fit comfortably from hip to knee, after which they continue in a straight line down to the ankles. These jeans can be adapted from a casual look to a festive or professional one, depending on the styling.

In stark contrast to the skinny jeans are the now extremely popular boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans are perfect for a more relaxed look, where the focus is on comfort and mobility. They imitate men's jeans by sitting loosely around the hips and thighs and having slightly wider trouser legs down to the ankles.

Bootcut jeans sit close around the hips and legs as well as down to the knees, but then become wider in the cut and typically sway at the ankles. Their fit slims and lengthens the legs, giving a beautiful and feminine silhouette. Try a pair of bootcut jeans to give your outfit a retro vibe and an extremely modern silhouette.

Jeans from all the best brands

Here at Miinto, we stock jeans from some of the best brands on the jean market. For example, Mos Mosh, Cambio and Liu Jo to name a few, so if you want to get your hands on a pair of new, beautiful jeans, you have come to the right place. Regardless of body shape or personal style, you can find the perfect jeans here at Miinto.

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