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For those who are daring and bold, and for those who want to push the limits, Belstaff is a brand created for those who love experiences and adventures. This brand is known for rugged, edgy jackets, urban styles, and pieces that make you feel confident, cool, and sexy. Loved by many, this fashion house is most popular with those in aviation, the armed forces, motorsports and similar. They use high quality materials, unique and innovative designs and well-made pieces that are tailored to fit wherever you want to go. Whether you’re exploring a new city, conquering a mountain, or flying high in the skies, you have plenty of items to keep you fashionable whilst doing the things you love the most.

How the adventure began

This brand has been around for almost a century, and was originally established in England in 1924 by Eli Belovitch and Harry Grosberg. Belstaff was named by combining Belovitch’s beloved Staffordshire home with his own name. It was originally created to be a motorcycle brand - bringing innovation and class to the more rugged rider. The brand became the first fashion label to create in-house, and to use a fabric that was waterproof but also breathable. Belovitch travelled the globe until he discovered a finely woven Egyptian cotton that was treated with oils in order to make something called ‘Wax Cotton.’ It was an instant hit and became a must-have for every motorcyclist in the country.

Over the years, they continued to search for more ways to make clothing more absorbent, moisture wicking, windproof, waterproof, and resistant to friction. From creating new materials to adding metal protection to clothing, they were constantly making their clothing adaptable, stronger, and cooler. This enabled them to expand their products from motorcyclists to aviation and military enthusiasts. Soon they were expanding all over the world and became sought after by adventurers, outdoor-lovers, and sports fans alike. With styles that make you feel like you’re the star of an action film, or the edgy main character, you’ll fall in love with pieces that are modern, durable, and functional.

Belstaff is rugged, adventurous, edgy

Designed with you in mind, every piece of clothing is built to combat the resistance you face when you step outside. From materials that are hand-waxed to be water repellent yet breathable, to materials that are designed to be wind-resistant and moisture-absorbing, you won’t be held back by your clothing. The Belstaff brand helps you reach new heights: play longer, train harder, and experience the life you want to live. It’s a brand that has a cult following, a brand who has influenced icons, and a brand that is prestigious and well-loved by anyone who wears them.

Iconic and classic jackets

Belstaff is worn by icons, celebrities, athletes, and royalty. You can see people like Steve McQueen, Amelia Earhart, David Beckham, Ewan McGregor, Arianna Grande, Brad Pitt and Megan Fox sporting their edgy styles. Kate Middleton has also been seen wearing the brand. Their jackets are something that everyone wants to wear, with sleek designs, that are tailored to the silhouette and don’t sit bulkily. Their pockets make storage easy so there’s no need for heavy bags that will hold you back, and their materials are designed to keep you comfortable and dry. Their timeless designs can be seen in their current collections now.

Belstaff is more than motorcycle

Although the brand may have got its start with motorcyclists, they are not confined only to this look or genre. With choices of gorgeous high-quality knits, cardigans, polos and more, you can take your rugged outdoor look to a high-class night out on the town. Sport a super soft-knit jumper in a bright colour with fitted jeans and a sharp pair of trainers, and you’ve got an elevated every day look. Or sport a tee with shorts in the summer to beat the heat as you walk around the city. If you’re looking to go out on a date, don on a smart shirt with a pair of chinos and loafers to look your best.

Belstaff is not just for men. From high-quality down coats to keep you warm and cosy, fitted perfectly to flatter the feminine silhouette, to edgy motorcycle-styled jackets to give you an urban feel, women have plenty to choose from too. What’s more, Belstaff’s soft luxurious tops -knitted with high-quality materials - will last you for many winters to come. Alternatively, you could choose a cute bright tee to wear when you want some colour, or a worn pair of jeans and white slip ons. There are plenty of garments to choose from and styles that you can experiment with or give you the option to express yourself and try something new.

Accessories meet sports

Accessories can bring an outfit together, and they can change the look from edgy to sporty or even luxurious. Belstaff accessories are made with the same great quality and design you love. With sporty caps to keep the sun out of your eyes, to shoes in leather styles, or bags that will hold everything in place for those long trips on the road. Accessories can be a sleek wallet with a discrete logo design (the brand is known for not being flashy), a belt to add texture or colour to an outfit, or even a pin to add some depth. Whatever you choose, we know you will look and feel your best with products that exude confidence, boldness, and adventure.

At Miinto

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