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Karl Lagerfeld

Arguably one of the world’s most iconic fashion designers, Karl Lagerfeld’s collection is the epitome of style and coolness. With the edgy graphics and cool shapes, the collection provides a modern take on fashion and style. Karl Lagerfeld, who was the creative director behind Chanel and Fendi, has created a chic and stylish collection with both urban and trendy clothing and edgy accessories.

A beautiful history

Karl Lagerfeld’s career is certainly impressive. Having been the creative director behind both Chanel and Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld has most definitely earned his high place as one of the world’s most iconic and successful fashion designers.

Karl Lagerfeld started his ambitious career in France at Fendi, working specifically with furs. He stayed there before working with Chanel from the 80s up until his recent passing. Karl Lagerfeld created some of the brand’s most recognisable designs and ideas.

Many critics praised Karl Lagerfeld, who completely reimagined Chanel and brought life back into the otherwise dwindling brand.

One of the most ground-breaking moves that Karl Lagerfeld implemented in Chanel was the implementation of the iconic “CC” logo. This design is now recognised around the world and is one of Chanel’s most valuable assets.

With the Karl Lagerfeld collection, the creativity knows no boundaries. The collection is all about Karl Lagerfeld’s own creations and ideas, without any limitations or restrictions. Get the full fashion experience with this chic, cool collection.

Edgy design with Karl Lagerfeld

From the vibrant colours to the graphic prints, Karl Lagerfeld has bold and contemporary clothing to match a bold statement. With the cool and unique branding and explosive prints, the collection does not shy away. You can make a bold statement with the collection but still stay super cool and edgy with the design. The abstract nature of the collection expresses the love and dedication to fashion and design from the brand’s roots, core values and creator.

With the mini character print of Karl Lagerfeld embossed on the clothing and accessories, the brand has paid homage to their creator. Whether it is Karl’s signature sunglasses or an outline of his sharp suit, the brand marks each piece with a touch of Karl. The collection’s edgy details nod to the creativity and exploration of fashion and trends whilst staying effortlessly cool.

Karl Lagerfeld accessories

At Miinto, you can shop all Karl Lagerfeld accessories, including handbags, shoes, purses and wallets and other small goods. Perfect if you are looking for a small gift for someone special or if you want to treat yourself.

The accessories in the collection feature cool branding that allows you to express your style and individuality. Use these accessories to dress up an outfit for a more formal occasion. If you are dressing for every day, perhaps a baseball cap or comfortable trainer will tone down your outfit for everyday life.

With the large selection, Karl Lagerfeld certainly knows the significance of accessories. Completely change up your look by simply changing your handbag or shoes. The collection gives you endless options for styling and creating a cool stylish look, no matter your own personal style.


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