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Philipp Plein

Philipp Plein is the ultimate cool and edgy designer on the block. With his graphic and colourful prints and designs, you will effortlessly look cool and stylish. With the wide variety in Philipp Plein’s designs, you can easily elevate your outfit and add a touch of urban coolness. The collection features cool and comfortable casual wear and urban, sporty athleisure.

Edgy German design with a cool vibe

The brand oozes urban coolness with trendy details and nuances. Whether it is the branded logo or an abstract print, Philipp Plein has created a collection of interesting and unique pieces.

Shop the full Philipp Plein collection

Whether you are looking for a casual t-shirt, a trendy bomber jacker or a new pair of jeans, Philipp Plein can offer you the most on-trend designs with a touch of edge. The brand also includes a large variety of accessorises, including handbags, hats and shoes. Both everyday sneakers and sporty trainers are options from Philipp Plein.

We have collected a huge variety of many Philipp Plein collections on this page, both from his menswear and women’s wear collections, making it easier for you to browse and shop around this cool brand. There are also many additional accessories to browse to complete your look.

An iconic brand with an iconic history

Philipp Plein has been creating and designing clothes since 1988, with a large focus on trendy and wearable collections. His collections come straight from the fashionable Munich and have a European twist.

Philipp Plein’s success was defined by his unique interpretation of military jackets. This collection stood out from what other designers were creating at this time. These camouflage jackets were sprinkled with Swarovski crystals, and these crystals were arranged into stylish skulls and other patterns. The combination of the rugged army style, camouflage and the dainty, sparkly crystals was completely unseen before, and paved the way to success for Phillip Plein. This set the brand up for high hopes, while earning Philipp Plein large recognition within the fashion industry.

In 2006 and 2008, the brand decided to further expand the range, growing into the accessories department. Philipp Plein created accessories in keeping with the heavy metal trends of the season. These successful and popular accessories inspired numerous collaborations and recognition for the fashion house.

Stay on trend with Philipp Plein

Today, Philipp Plein focuses on everyday collections that feature casual wear and sportswear that align with this season’s trends, styles and colours. These pieces go a touch further with their vibrant prints or details. The brand offers you your next new item of clothing to create the most perfect and stylish look.

Philipp Plein’s distinctive design is classic and unique and stands out from the typical designers. Exclusivity and individuality are the brand’s most desirable assets, and they represent the core of the brand. Although the pieces are unique and individual, Philipp Plein does not sacrifice quality for fashion. The brand creates comfortable pieces from high-quality textiles and materials, offering your wardrobe a unique new addition that will complete any look.


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