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Stone Island

Stone Island’s strong Italian roots ground the brand in one of the most fashionable areas where cool and modern design is at the centre. With a large focus on innovative textiles and materials, combined with edgy yet classic design, Stone Island is the ultimate addition to any wardrobe.

Classic design with a twist

Stone Island has created timeless and classic designs with a slight edge. The designs have a timeless look that will see you through endless trends, but still offer edgy details and embellishments.

Whether you are looking for a classic sweatshirt or t-shirt, the brand can offer you that and much more. With the brand logo embellished on the garments, the brand’s subtle design allows you to express your style in a refined way.

Stone Island releases quintessential designs with classic tailoring and looks, combined with innovative textiles. The brand makes styling an accessible option for many, with the simple and versatile design of the clothing.

A classic variety to meet any style

At Miinto, you can find a wide variety of clothing from Stone Island. From jackets to sweatpants, you are sure to find a new piece that matches your personal style and taste. The brand offers a minimalistic look with clean functional shapes and cuts that accentuate the timeless and classic look of the clothing.

Stone Island is the perfect new addition to your closet with the simple and clean design perfectly fitting in with your existing clothing. Style the garments with other pieces in your wardrobe to truly express yourself.

Innovative design from Stone Island

Stone Island’s dedication to researching and exploring new textiles is within the brand’s core values. Along with this focus, Stone Island has approached fashion in the most innovative and impressive way.

Originally established as a sportwear brand, Stone Island’s dedication to textiles has become known within the industry and redefined the standards in sportswear.

The new materials and innovative production processes have allowed Stone Island to design high-quality, classic clothing that has also broken new ground within the clothing industry.

These new production methods founded by Stone Island have resulted in new materials that are used in a lot of the brand’s clothing and accessories. Along with this exploration of textiles and the vibrant colour palette, Stone Island creates the most innovative collections.

Stone Island takes inspiration from the season’s most trendy colours and hues and reimagines them into classic, simple and functional designs. All of the pieces from Stone Island are created in high-quality, innovative textiles. The brand’s Italian design has a unique focus on quality and, in particular, a large focus on durability and longevity.

The durability of the clothing is a main focus of the brand’s philosophy and values. Stone Island’s durable and functional aesthetic has been inspired by practical, tough and hard-wearing work clothes and uniforms. This inspiration has resulted in high-quality and long-lasting clothing that has been reimagined and created to fit with modern life.


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