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Black boots might just be the most versatile item you can have in your wardrobe. No matter the weather or season, there’s likely to be a pair that can match your outfit. So whether you're totally excited that the days are getting increasingly cooler, and you’re looking forward to cosy nights in, hot cocoa with marshmallows, and bundling up – or even if you are still wistfully thinking about summer beach days, wearing sandals and going barefoot – you have many reasons to get pumped up about a new pair of black boots. With so many amazing styles to choose from, what’s not to like? The mix-and-matchability of this versatile style of footwear makes them a go-to essential.  

Are you in the mood for some black boots with chunky heels? Or perhaps a pair of Chelsea boots, knee-high boots, Mukluks, moon boots, Western boots, or high-heeled boots? Luckily, all of these boot styles come in black. So, no matter if you want to style your fave denim jeans or your most glam evening look, this dark-hued footwear can add the final touch. For some fresh urban style, you can try pairing a bold-patterned, fitted midi-dress with chunky black platform boots and a matching bomber jacket. Or for a trendy, casual look, wear the season’s acid-washed straight jeans with a classic white T, double-breasted trench coat and black wellies. 

Black Boots – Say Yes to Noir 

Black goes well with just about everything. A high-quality pair of noir boots can be worn with practically any kind of outfit – some celebrities have even said their “I do’s” with the groom in his tuxedo and a very well-shined pair and the bride wearing tall, romantic button-ups inspired by the 18th century. How's that for a wedding in black boots? They are not only super stylish, they are also very practical. Because of their dark colour, they don’t show dirt or stains easily. Depending on what model and style you prefer, it is relatively easy to choose comfortable boots since they are typically more solidly constructed than other types of shoes. When it comes down to it, these gems can be styled with just about anything, and worn again and again with different looks. 

Styling is a breeze with black boots, with so many designs available on the market. Knee-length boots are a classic model, and you can choose what height of heel you want, whether flat or high-heeled or something in between. Ankle boots, lace-ups, button-ups, embellished or simple, the choice is entirely up to you. Once you have an idea of the style you are looking for, you can narrow down your decision by considering what type of material and finish you like the best. For example, a high-gloss material like patent leather has an attractive, sharp look that gives a very different effect than the warmth and softness of suede. Generally speaking, shiny materials tend to project a more formal appearance while textured or woven fabrics are for more casual wear. Special fabrics can deliver a very strong statement, like with Mukluks or fur boots. One easy styling tip is to wear a monochromatic or simple outfit, and pair it with black boots and a handbag that has a matching style or texture. For example, with Mukluks, you can coordinate with an exclusive faux-fur crossbody. 

Let's Talk About Colour – Black vs. Brown? 

Since there is no definitive answer to this question, you can go ahead and decide for yourself, as it really all depends on your own personal style and wardrobe. To help you validate your intuition, here are some pointers for both colours. In general, black boots tend to be a bit dressier than brown, but it also depends a lot on the style of boot – a luxury dark brown high heeled knee-high boot could appear more formal than a pair of black booties. It also has a great deal to do with the rest of your outfit. 

One advantage to choosing black boots is that they are by far the most versatile. If you tend to have a lot of black clothing, very colourful pieces or bold prints, along with whites and greys, then the darker hued footwear might be the better option. Another reason to go dark may be related to functionality and whether you need to wear a more formal boot. Say you need to keep your boots polished and shiny, or if you are planning to wear them to your workplace where the dress code is on the formal side. In these cases, black boots are the way to go. Brown may be a good choice if you want something a bit more casual, or if you are going for a warmer look in your wardrobe. 

More Styling Tips  

If you are searching for more ways to style current fashion trends, then look no further than black boots. For a classic and timeless look, a go-to pair of footwear is the black heeled boot. Take this precious pair and combine it with one of many options, starting with this casual look: a fuzzy-knit sweater dress, oversized sunglasses, and matching crossbody. You can also style them with your fave denim mini, a chunky-knit sweater for contrasting textures, and a fresh blazer. Or how about a multicoloured tweed jacket with matching wide-leg floor-length pants and sparkling earrings? Try flared leggings, a flouncy tunic and a chequered long cardigan. They even pair well with a bold animal-print jumpsuit for a daring look. 

At Miinto, we take pride in providing our customers a select range of fashion items so that there is something for everyone. We believe that our customers are some of the best dressed around, and when we see your confident looks and exquisite get-ups, we know that we have done our part in helping you find the clothes you want. Fashion is an important mode of self-expression, and we feel it is important for each and every customer to be able to express individuality through the clothes they choose to wear. That’s why we are committed to offering a comprehensive selection from exclusive luxury designers and select boutique partners so that you can maximise your shopping experience. 

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