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If you are not already aware, you will have a hard time finding the French brand APC. They know how to leave their mark on the hottest trends and offer luxury and high-quality clothing. The brand has expertly combined both masculine and feminine styles ranging in iconic, revolutionary, and exclusive designs for all genders. The clothing brand is well known for its muted colours and minimalistic styling. This helps with the longevity of the pieces and gives a timeless look that can hang in your wardrobe for many years without you ever getting tired of them. You can pair the French brand with any of our other luxury brands, giving you the creative freedom to express yourself however you please.

French fashion is better than ever

All over the world, you’ll find love and desire for French fashion; it’s hugely impacted the global fashion scene today, and many people go to France to seek an education in fashion. APC was first established back in 1988. Jean Touitou, the creator of APC, calls the brand “Atelier de Production et Creation” (translated to Production and Creation Workshop) or APC for short. Touitou wanted to have roots in both, to give fashion heart.

When Touitou lost his luggage on a trip to Barcelona, he was forced to purchase underwear and jeans. That is when he discovered the poor quality and selection for men, and at that moment, he made a decision that would change the fashion world forever. Jean Touitou decided he would make both high-quality, and a vast and stylish selection, of underwear and jeans for men. Just one year later, his women’s collection was launched, and it snowballed from there. From opening stores across the world, and being featured in fashion shows, to collaborations and being worn by celebrities, APC has been a great success. He now works with his wife, Judith Touitou, who is the artistic director of APC.

Fashion for All

APC was initially created from an idea of minimalism; having a few versatile pieces that are made well is better than having something you will wear once and throw away. It’s an integral part of the brand, and quality is the utmost focus. The brand has grown at rocket speed but still manages to be privately owned. Jean Touitou has left his mark on APC and shows there is creativity and uniqueness in elegant simplicity.

Touitou believes clothes should complement your body but not steal your personality. They should highlight the star of the show, the star being you! You’ll find a lot of earthy tones and muted colours in highly fashionable pieces. The freedom of having a minimalistic appearance gives you a choice to dress it up or down, and offers versatility that can’t be found in most other fashion lines. Let your imagination do the work and dare to be different whether you choose masculine or feminine options.


If you are on the hunt for something that is strong and gives off a rugged vibe, then browse our selection of APC men’s wear. Of course, you don’t have to live up to the stereotypes and be a man to shop this line; designed with simplicity and versatility, anyone can purchase these contemporary designs. We offer a selection of APC accessories, bags, and clothing so you can shop to your heart’s content.

If you’re looking for basics that boast a uniquely printed logo, or a long-sleeved knit that can go under your favourite jacket, look no further! Maybe you want a chemisette shirt that can be paired under a blazer to dress it up, or worn on its own for a casual every day look. We have a broad variety of earthy-toned scarfs with prints, or flannel designs to keep you warm in the winters to come. When the temperatures drop, wrap yourself in an APC faux leather jacket with Sherpa-styled collar, and, for a pop of colour, add one of the scarves for extra detail. You can also store your things in style with multiple bum bags, shoulder bags, and backpacks, and you’ll know they’ll survive everyday use with their high-quality materials.


Miinto offers a selection of APC to die for, so you can pack your wardrobe with staples that will last throughout the seasons to come. If you find yourself looking for a dress that can be worn at the office and also keep you warm and snuggly from cold winter winds, you should look at the warm sweater dresses with tie waists to accentuate and flatter the figure. Or maybe you’re looking for some muted basics, or bright printed button-downs to wear under an APC coat with a drawstring hood? All are elegant designs with supreme qualities.

Whatever the occasion, these products have been designed to be layered, mixed and matched, and can seamlessly be paired with most things in your wardrobe. Accessorise your outfits with a beautifully handcrafted bag, which is spacious, functional, and classy. From small, luxurious faux leather clutches, to tasselled suede crossbody bags for everyday use, you’re sure to find a bag that will speak to you and become a valuable addition to your wardrobe.

APC Extras

Accessories are always a must-have, and at Miinto we offer a wide selection of APC accessories to add an elegant touch to your style. APC offers jewellery that is delicate and unique in its design to make a simple statement. You can also try our dual chain bracelet for more of an urban vibe. If you’re looking for footwear, look no further; try a black ankle boot to give an edge to an outfit, or a sleek and shiny high rise boot for some class. Whether you want hats - or even candles - APC has many options to give your style and home some flair.


Since the very beginning, APC has been focused on sustainability. Touitou and his partner wanted to create products that would last a long time, versatile items that you didn’t have to keep replacing. Focusing on unisex, trans-seasonal clothing, sensibility they wanted to remain independent to have complete control over their products. APC uses high-quality materials, classic and timeless designs, and stylish yet casual looks inspired by everyday life.

At Miinto

We have a wide variety of styles for all genders from APC. You can choose everything from accessories, outerwear, basics, and home decor. We update our selections frequently and host over 3,000 other brands so that you don’t have to waste time going from store to store. When you shop with us, it will always be quick, easy, and straightforward. When you order with us, we will deliver directly to your door in just 1 to 3 business days.


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