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Pierre Balmain, the French designer behind the fashion house, released his first collection in 1945. Growing up, Pierre worked in his mother and sister’s fashion store, where he discovered his burning passion and dedication for design. After enrolling at art school to study architecture, Pierre quickly realised that he was pursuing the wrong path, as he spent all his time designing and sketching dresses, which were the early foundations for the brand. This led to the beginning of a historic French brand, when Pierre began his successful career in the fashion industry, with the help of Christian Dior.

Balmain has consistently delivered stunning designs from his French fashion house. Whether it’s iconic structured blazers or heavily embellished dresses, Balmain provides the ultimate elegance and luxury.

The iconic Balmain blazer

Balmain’s most iconic design is perhaps the iconic military-style blazer. This well-known style paved the way for global success for the French fashion brand. The distinctive blazer features glamourous gold buttons down the front of the blazer. There are also five buttons on each sleeve cuff to complete the look. The double-breasted blazer features smart, structured shoulders and flap pockets on each side. This iconic piece put Balmain on the map, and undoubtedly set the brand up for success. The French designer, Oliver Rousteing, who was behind the creation of the Balmain blazer, was the key component to launching this new wave of Balmain hysteria.

Oliver was quite unknown within the industry before his position at Balmain which caused some tension within the field, due to his anonymity and young age. However, his creative decisions to develop a new take on the Balmain brand was a success. Critics praised his risk to draw Balmain out of their predictable style. Tuning Balmain back to its French roots, Oliver Rousteing focused on Parisian couture to create Balmain’s new collections. This type of unique design was unseen before in Balmain, and quickly gathered lots of attention from critics and celebrities.

The many fans of Balmain

Balmain’s distinctive design, cool silhouettes, and beautiful patterns, makes the brand a hit among celebrities and models. With many celebrity fans of Balmain like Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lopez, the brand is an international success all around the world.

The brand was also the very first French brand to pass one million followers on social media, thanks to its many celebrity worshippers. Balmain has created a community of fashion lovers who appreciate beautiful design and craftmanship.

Balmain’s distinctive design

Balmain’s unique characteristics makes the brand and pieces well-recognisable around the world. Whether it is a simple and casual t-shirt or a pair of glamorous sunglasses, the well-known design instantly speaks French, Parisian style. The collections nail the season’s trends, with an additional Parisian flair. The decorative details on each piece nod to the brand’s French-couture beginnings.

You can find a wide variety of Balmain clothing and accessories all in one place. From luxury, wool blazers to casual and sporty sweatshirts, Balmain provides everyone with a stylish option.


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