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Canada Goose

Since the 1950s, Canada Goose has been providing specialised outerwear out of Toronto, Canada. Shop the latest collection from Canada Goose to stay warm this winter.

Stay cosy with Canada Goose

Canada Goose revolutionised the outerwear industry with their innovative and unique processes and techniques. In 1970, Canada Goose were the first brand to implement an innovative volume-based down filling machine for their coats, jackets and other products. This new and exciting method of filling jackets soon created the iconic Canada Goose product line.

Throughout the years, Canada Goose has been at the forefront of the outerwear and sportswear industry, creating stylish and luxurious coats that are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and freezing environments.

Canada Goose clothing is a reliable and trusted brand that has been tried and tested to stand the most remote, chilling locations around the globe.

From the materials to the end construction, Canada Goose products are made from the best quality by the most skilled experts to create a high-quality end result, that is guaranteed to keep you warm in any extreme climate.

Whether you are embarking on a long mountain expedition, venturing to the North Pole or simply need a new and stylish winter jacket, with Canada Goose you can face any weather condition with the upmost confidence. The unique down-filling ensures efficient and effective heat retention, keeping you toasty whilst out in the field.

Tried and tested

All Canada Goose products have been tried and tested in different types of environments to guarantee their performance. From the individual stiches to the warm lining and to the sturdy, practical zips, Canada Goose clothing is the very best quality. Get the very best in the industry and stay protected from the elements in Canada Goose.

In 1982, the first Canadian to summit Mount Everest, Laurie Skreslet, made history. He did this wearing a custom-designed parka jacket from Canada Goose. The brand later went on to produce this jacket as the Skreslet Parka. An iconic name for an iconic parka. The collaboration helped Canada Goose break through as a reliable and trusted brand within the sportswear industry.

Look cool and stay warm in Canada Goose

Fashion trends have dominated the retail industry since its first establishment, which has meant a reoccurring cycle of trends and styles for each season. Recently, Canada Goose jackets have become part of the latest trends, with celebrities such as Daniel Craig, Drake and Jennifer Lopez sporting the jackets during filming, waiting for their call time or between shots.

This increase in popularity has led to the Canada Goose brand becoming popular with many wearers around the world. The brand has become a trendy, stylish asset that keeps you warm but looking cool.

With the many models on offer from Canada Goose, you can easily find the best product to suit you. Whether you are looking for a parka jacket, bomber jacket or gilet, Canada Goose gives you the best options with high quality assurance that you will stay cosy no matter the climate.


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