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At first glance, you may think Castañer’s espadrilles look quite run-of-the-mill but give them a second, longer glance, and you will soon realise that they are really quite the opposite!

After all, these espadrilles are fashioned by the industry’s leading experts whose company’s shoemaking techniques are steeped in a Mediterranean artisan tradition dating back almost a century. Yes, for more than 90 years, this company has been making their key product, so it’s no wonder they are so good at it. And it’s no wonder they have such an international presence and have shoed the feet of so many famous.

Founded in 1927, this company has kept up with the changing demands for footwear over the decades whilst retaining the essence of its original design. They have constantly maintained their atelier ethos and heritage by continually using traditional shoemaking techniques on original machinery and still craft many of their products directly by the hands of artisans. This legacy and the importance of the handmade touch - the significance of true craftsmanship - are at the core of this successful and well-loved brand.

Castañer – top designs for decades

Fashions come and go, but Castañer’s footwear has never been out of vogue, remaining a top design for decades. Over time, their espadrilles have become more refined and sophisticated, but the basic design has been retained because it is comfortable and stylish, and it totally works.

Timeless and chic, this brand’s espadrilles are an absolute must. They are an iconic and authentic wardrobe staple that never goes out of fashion and will remain essential for fashionable feet for decades to come.

From the hands of artists and artisans

Although traditions developed in the original Castañer atelier are still at the heart of their making process today, this smart company certainly keeps up to date with changing market demands. And Castañer is not shy to innovate, initiating some superb collaborations with artists and designers, bringing contemporary twists to faithful classics.

Their partnership with Yves Saint Laurent will always be remembered in fashion history when the first wedge espadrille was born. And their notable collaboration with the fashion designer Paul Smith led to another storm in fashion footwear. Two trademarks collided to produce new and funky designs that soon became top sellers.

Influences from artists, and the craftsmanship of artisans, ensure this brand is right on-trend. And thoughtful and artistic details, such as laces finished with tabs, tassels, or hand-stitching, demonstrate how this company really considers every fine, artistic detail.

Castañer – a conscious choice

This company takes its sourcing of materials seriously, and one of their main products - jute - is sourced responsibly from India and Bangladesh. They prioritise quality by choosing and using the best materials as well as the best, trusted techniques.

Classic and classy, simple yet sophisticated, Castañer offers an adaptable and timeless essential. There is a lot to choose from across their collections - from different heel heights in wedges, platform wedges and sandals, to straps, laces, and closed, V-shaped or round toes.

Blends and contrasting colours offer further choice, and all can be dressed up or down. Whether on the beach or in a boardroom, you can be assured of comfort and style.

At Miinto, we are super excited to offer a selection of Castañer’s classics. Their addition to your wardrobe would be a wise and conscious choice.


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