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Shop French luxury brand Chloe at Miinto. Create a timeless and classic wardrobe with beautiful and stylish pieces from Chloe. Whether you are looking for a cool new pair of sunglasses, a stunning new handbag or a pretty and feminine new blouse, you can find a wide selection from Chloe. The mix of edgy fashion trends and feminine vibes gives Chloe a distinctive look that cannot be seen elsewhere. Express your cool but romantic side with Chloe’s latest clothing and accessories collection.

Chic collections from Chloe

Time after time, Chloe continues to impress with its trendy and stylish take on the current season’s trends. From all areas - handbags to shoes to trousers to scarves - Chloe can be seen to take inspiration from the runway and develop this inspiration into a stunning ready-to-wear collection. Create a timeless European look with the French brand Chloe.

Romantic details to make you stand out

The beauty is in the details and that is certainly the case with Chloe. From pretty feminine frills to athletic and sporty stripes, Chloe creates a well-rounded balance of these two contrasting ideas. The subtle details add an interest to the collection that can be seen as an almost signature Chloe look. The fetching embellishments are well recognised within the brand and can add character to your look without being overtly bold.

Fuel your passion for true fashion

Chloe’s luxury collections provide you with all the right tools to create a stylish wardrobe and a personalised look. The collection expresses the cool and trendy side of fashion mixed with the classic Chloe details. The French delicate details of the collection hint at a slightly daring, yet romantic, take on the idea of high fashion. With this combination at the forefront of every design and idea, it is hard not to fall in love with Chloe. Easily create a stylish vibe with the brand’s designs.

Shop the full collection

Chloe offers a large collection of beautiful ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. Give your wardrobe a new lease of life, and add in a flowy feminine dress, or perhaps expand your collection of accessories with a Chloe printed scarf or pair of sunglasses. The brand’s collections consistently exude a trendy and stylish take on the season’s hottest trends and fashions.

The story behind Chloe

The French luxury brand was first established over 50 years ago and they have an impressive back story and timeline. Starting off in the 1950s, Chloe was found by French fashion designer, Gaby Aghion, where they captured the demand, at the time, for ready-to-wear clothing collections mixed with haute couture. From there, the brand began to grow with this idea, and many fashion designers at Chloe created iconic designs that were, and still are, loved by celebrities. The celebrity fans at the time include the likes of Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly. These classic and iconic looks from Chloe earned a large respect for the brand within the industry and within the celebrity world.


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