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Golden Goose

Funky urban designs and a mix of styles and contrasts, touched with a strong emphasis on the handmade, define Golden Goose’s identity. Stamped with their iconic star logo, their products for men, women, and children offer a current, fresh, and authentic take on functional, edgy streetwear, with their essential sneakers coming at the top of the list. Designed for rule-breakers, adventure seekers, risk-takers, people who love living life to the full, this brand oozes confidence and authenticity. Life is not perfect, and this company adds deliberate imperfections into their streetwear to create a new lived-in look.

Golden Goose - from memories to vision

This energetic, individual brand was born from merging memories and observations from travels with Italian heritage to create streetwear with appeal and attitude. Elements of places and everyday objects, combined with a dream and a fresh enthusiasm for manufacturing products with artisanal hand touches, are at the core of their ethos. This makes Golden Goose products pretty special.

Capturing moments and memories of skater days and edgy, urban environments from Venice and Los Angeles, experiences and stories were combined with a passion for designing. Golden Goose saw a gap in the market for essential sneakers, which told (and hold) the story of life, and a vision was created. Through the journey of streets and adventure to the hands of artisans, a very striking brand evolved.

A lifestyle choice

At Miinto, we recognise a forward-thinking company when we see one. And Golden Goose ticks all the boxes for a company whose products can easily become a lifestyle choice. If you are keen on living your life to the full and taking on adventures wholeheartedly, then this should be your go-to brand. With sneakers and accessories, t-shirts and hoodies that are street statement pieces, you will be sure to get noticed. Raw and funky designs feature bright colours. Hints of graffiti feature on their signature surfaces. And their classic star logo, which has become an icon, is ever-present.

Comfort is totally assured from Golden Goose - after all, their business vision was born on the streets whilst moving at a fast pace. With an underlying passion for sharing love and experiences, this brand will fast become your favourite. It’s of the moment, original, about life, and about living. These designers totally, as they say, inject life into what they do. And you can make their clothing, footwear and accessories your go-to lifestyle choice too.

Mix it up with character

A mix of ideas and dreams were the foundations of this company’s vision, and they can be the foundations of your wardrobe too. Cool style with character, influenced by travel and memories of places around the world, peppered with life experiences and happy days, can be worn and mixed with everyday essentials to give you a look that rocks.

A mix of dreams and vision, a passion for travel and living life, a contrast of styles and an inherent gift for sharing those elements make this brand different and unique. If you enjoy stories being intertwined with elements of lifestyle and design, Golden Goose should be your number one choice. Go on, treat yourself to a fashion adventure with character and originality now.


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