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Sleek aesthetics, timeless luxury, flawless craftsmanship and the spirit of water are elements that place Herno’s exclusive collections in the realm of fashion luminaries. With a signature monochromatic colour scheme, modern silhouettes and superior quality in each collection, this select label presents award-worthy outerwear time and time again. It demonstrates its solid commitment to creating high-performance items with outerwear built to withstand all kinds of storms, whether deluges or flurries or whatever else Mother Nature has in store. But Herno does not only produce garments that are weather-worthy, it also crafts high-fashion, state-of-the-art wear for urban environments. So not only do you ensure that you stay comfortably warm and dry, but you do so also in excellent taste.

If you are in the mood for that extra oomph or are looking to put some pizazz into your personal wardrobe, the wow-factor of Herno’s luxury apparel makes it an ideal choice to add to the collection of any fashion enthusiast. The history of the Italian label began with a single raincoat, and it has become best known for its signature outerwear. If you are seeking the ideal gear to stay warm and stylish at the same time, this brand might have just what you are looking for. Featuring coats and trench coats, short or long down jackets, waistcoats, parkas, bombers and capes, this brand has literally got you covered. And with the seamless harmony of quality, performance and style, what’s not to love?

Herno – Inspired by Water

In various ways, the Italian brand has a very intimate connection with nature. For starters, it was the River Erno that inspired the brand’s name, with an “h” added at the beginning for enhanced international appeal. This river is very dear to Claudio Marenzi’s heart – the man who presides as this family brand’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. In fact, the nearby Lake Maggiore is foundational to what Marenzi calls one of his “two essential rituals.” He relates how the very first thing he does upon returning from a long journey is to stroll past this beautiful lake and inhale deeply to inspire inner calm and tranquillity. The very next thing he does, as the second part of his special ritual, is to enter the factory while still holding onto his bag, no matter whether it is open or if he is the only one there after hours. This glimpse into the inner workings of this fashion legend reveals just how precious and strong the brand’s connection is to the surrounding natural environment. And perhaps even more inspiring is the label’s continual commitment to keeping the environment in focus.

It is the transcendent element of water that has inspired, animated, and perpetuated Herno right from the very start. The seemingly humble beginnings started in 1948 with a piece of cotton that became the very first piece – a raincoat. The treatment of the cotton fabric sheds light on the Italian post-war era and its disposition, as it consisted of a castor oil finish that came from the stocks of deserted war-planes. Upon creating that pioneer garment, Giuseppe Marenzi, along with his wife Alessandra Diana, first got the idea to begin their business. The fervour and decisiveness over which way to go forward in those early days permeated the Italian brand’s birth. These sentiments manifest in Herno’s dedication and commitment to high-performance apparel in all aspects of its creation, from start to finish. Most definitely, its environmental focus is one of the brand’s inspiring characteristics that shines forth in each striking collection. The label describes its relation to water as, “connection, love, passion, challenge, ingenuity. And success.”

Commitment to Mother Nature

Water is the sublime substance that is at the source of the brand’s inspiration and creativity, and Herno maintains this sacred connection in its staunch efforts to protect and preserve the natural surroundings. The brand has undertaken a number of efforts to create a more conscious, greener planet. To take one example, the Herno Globe label offers genuinely green attire. What’s more, the brand has been investing in photovoltaics or PV – in a nutshell, this is a method of converting light into electricity with the use of semiconductors. Scientific nuts and bolts aside, what this means practically is less strain on natural resources. Photovoltaics can make buildings self-sufficient in their energy needs, which in turn saves many hundreds of trees annually. In addition to these steps forward, the label has also been paying careful attention to using the most contemporary machinery to further spare precious natural resources, as well as how their buildings can have a reduced environmental impact.

The exclusive Italian brand is determined to keep up its green progress, with additional projects each season to further support the environment with innovative production methods and materials. In 2019, the label presented Herno Globe as a green initiative, complete with its motivating slogan to “Take Care of Your Future.” In 2021, the green sublabel came out with an impressive number of seven novel materials, including PEF, Fast5Degradable, Recycled Nylon Satin, Dye-Free Wool, Sustainable Wool, Organic Boiled Wool, Animal Friendly Wool and Regenerated Nylon - Econyl™.

Innovative, Green Production

Herno’s superior craftsmanship involves conscious, innovative, and conscientious manufacturing processes. The label pays attention to how the resources are obtained and the circular system of economy. For example, the label adheres to the DOWNPASS certification, which ensures that the feathers and down come from the food industry. Additionally, it specifically prohibits the plucking of feathers from live animals and does not use feathers that are a by-product of foie gras production. The feathers and down can easily be tracked back to where they came from, according to the European laws and other certifications. In addition, the brand’s partners belong to the European Down and Feather Association. So when you wear your exclusive down jacket from Herno, you can wear it with a clear conscience, knowing that as a customer you are also doing your part for a cleaner, greener planet.

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