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Launched in 1994, Isabel Marant is the eponymous brand of Parisian fashion designer Isabel Marant. It blends bohemian and rock chic for an effortless, stylish look that has become an indie favourite amongst fashionistas worldwide. The brand focuses on minimalist, vintage-looking items, be it casual dresses, oversized jumpers, flowy skirts, tailored jackets or the brand favourite: high-top hidden heel sneakers and boots. The label boasts lush, bohemian accessories such as belts, bags, and jewellery that compliment any outfit for a breezy, yet edgy look.

Boho chic – the innovative designer’s signature style

Isabel Marant first began designing accessories in 1989 and while not proclaiming to be a fashion innovator, her brand is known for modern takes on classic pieces. The pioneering fashion designer launched her own label in 1994, relatively soon after graduating from Studio Berçot, a private training institute in fashion design in Paris. The three-year education focuses on establishing the students’ involvement in their own designs, gearing them for practicalities in the industry and readiness to enter the professional realm of fashion. Along with Isabel Marant, a significant number of alumni have gone on to establish their own business, while many others are affiliated with professionals in the industry.

If there is a single feature that can be identified as a signature style of her ensembles, it may be that all the collections have a distinct slouchiness. This characteristic is both alluring, while at the same time being youthful and even tomboyish. In creating her masterpiece looks, the designer uses contrasting touches to make the items pop. For example, she can create a dialogue by imbuing workwear or sports apparel with vibrant, zesty tones or adding a plethora of ruffles, sparkle or metallic fabrics to what otherwise would have been rather simple designs. These innovative, unconventional touches are very playful and show the creative spirit behind the luxury brand.

Isabel Marant - The face behind the name

The French fashion designer was born in 1967, in Boulogne-Billancourt, France. Her mother was German and her father French, and they ended up divorcing when Marant was only six years old. As a child, her greatest dream was to become a veterinarian when she grew up, and she had stubborn ideas about what she would and wouldn’t wear. For example, she refused to wear dresses and would carry extra clothes with her to school. When she was a young teenager, she chose to dress in customised menswear and was very conscious of her appearance as a mode of self-expression.

The year before her sweet sixteen, her father presented her with a sewing machine, and shortly after she began designing clothes for her friends upon request. Between the ages of sixteen and eighteen, she was together with Christophe Lemaire, a designer himself and the creative director of the legendary brand Hermès. The couple designed clothes together under their own label, Allée Simplee, and from their earnings, Marant decided to continue her studies in fashion.

Sublime touches and elevated embellishments

The Isabel Marant collections are based around a few simple pieces with subtle tweaks to flatter your body: tight and often cropped trousers; flowy, boxy, shirts and blouses; chunky and loose-fitting knits alongside impressively tailored jackets and coats. Most items are often embellished with bohemian prints, fringes, studs, lace or embroidery to give you a sense of carefree luxury. The designer really goes all out with these embellishments, and her special talent lies in creating a harmony between seemingly incompatible elements. For example, she can very effectively coordinate contrasting textures and patterns in a way that makes each of them complement the other. In this way, the eye is drawn to each distinct piece and then to the entire ensemble as a complete statement. Her designs are infused with a dramatic dynamism and vivacity that make the collections exciting and stunning at the same time.

The brand’s extremely popular high-top boot with a concealed wedged heel, which Marat herself refers to as the “basket”, is made with a specific goal in mind: to elongate your leg and make your feet look smaller while remaining comfortable and stylish. But the designer doesn’t just stop at success with these popular boots – she keeps on going, with a proliferation of titillating footwear designs. Among the luxury collections, you can find all types of styles, including boots, sneakers, heels, sandals, and clogs. Some of her most iconic boots are cowboy-inspired, made from buttery-soft suede, that also come in other types of leather and in different heights, whether knee-high, mid-calf, or ankle.

Code of ethics

At Isabel Marant, authenticity, openness and a strive to create accessible, stylish, clothes-that-last have always been at the heart of the brand. This means that collections never change drastically, so items from every season can endlessly be mixed and matched, season after season, while still complimenting each other – a huge appeal to the everyday customer. A pair of tight, cropped trousers and a flowy blouse are effortless pieces you can wear both casually and dressed up, especially when adding complimentary items from the wide range of Isabel Marant jewellery.

The Isabel Marant stamp of approval

With the self-proclaimed mantra that, “You shouldn’t want others to wear things that you wouldn’t wear yourself,” taught to her by Studio Berçot director, Marie Rucki, Isabel Marant is known for trying on every piece before it leaves her studio doors, adding an exclusive stamp of approval to every collection.

Within the last decade, Isabel Marant has won prestigious awards such as Fashion Designer of the Year (British Glamour Awards 2012) and Contemporary Designer of the Year (Elle Style Awards 2014) and besides exclusive boutiques in fashion capitals like Paris, London, and New York, the brand is currently being retailed in over 35 countries worldwide. It has further gained a loyal following of A-listers such as Beyoncé Knowles, Kate Moss, Alessandra Ambrosio, Gisele Bundchen and Miranda Kerr.

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Isabel Marant

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