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If you’re looking to update your wardrobe with contemporary and imaginative clothing that offers plenty of flair and playful cutting-edge designs, look no further than Jacquemus. This ready-to-wear French brand is highly desired, and its modern and lively silhouettes are scrumptious! There’s plenty to choose from at Miinto for women and men, right across these collections, so shop today to give your wardrobe an elegant and quirky boost.

Founded in 2009 by Simon Porte, this on-trend label is taking the world by storm. Although a relatively young brand, Jacquemus has received critical acclaim and a following of millions. And that following is growing exponentially with each runway show and every collection launched. Read on to discover why you, too, should become a Jacquemus fan.

The beginnings

Porte started sewing at a very early age and made his first skirt from an old pair of curtains for his mother. She took him to school whilst wearing it, and that’s when his creativity took hold. He continued to have a strong interest in making and designing clothes and, at the age of 18, moved from the south of France to Paris, to study fashion at the prestigious École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode (ESMOD) .

After his mother’s sudden death a few months later, he packed up his studies and went to work for the fashion magazine Citizen K. Following a stint there, he worked at a Comme des Garçons boutique in Paris. Whilst working at this highly respected boutique, aged just 19, Porte launched his own label: Jacquemus. In honour of his mother’s memory, this young and vibrant fashion label takes its name from Porte’s mother - Jacquemus was her maiden name.

Being mostly self-educated has not held Porte back – he has been nominated for the LVMH prize twice and picked up a special jury prize of 150,000 euros and a mentorship for one year in 2015.

Porte is an avid designer and enjoys making quality clothing collections that not only tell a story (he’s interested in the narrative that accompanies the concept of garments) but will last a long time as well.

Sexy, Dramatic and Sensual

Without the fussy frills, but with plenty of class and sophistication, there is a sexy, dramatic and sensual element to Jacquemus’ designs. From decorative, non-functional straps on belts and briefs to striking, neon pink, cropped leggings with distinctive stirrups, mischievous details are added to create drama and quirkiness across the women’s collections. Dresses with cut out sections and tops with strappy ‘cold shoulders’ are imaginative and eye-catching.

In the menswear collections, the cropped shirts and baseball caps with neck warmers offer both sensual, dramatic and unusual silhouettes. Large square print shirts or floral printed shorts will also garner lots of attention!

Designed with the modern and confident woman and man in mind, if you dare to wear Jacquemus, you will certainly get noticed!

Bold colours and striking contrasts

Across the collections for both women and men, there are many solid and bold colours that complement the classic blacks also on offer. From neon pinks and bright oranges to startling turquoises and fluorescent lime greens, Jacquemus has the whole palette covered.

If you’re feeling brave and adventurous, why not plump for a completely colourful outfit? Underwear, shirts, dresses, tops, trousers and outerwear can all be found in vibrant colours – just and mix and match to make your own personal statement.

Accessories can be added to make an even more dramatic and playful outfit too. Choose from a bright orange coin purse or some pink-lense sunglasses to top off your look. Alternatively, add a Jacquemas signature oversized straw hat to add flair and fun to your eye-catching ensemble.

Alongside the bright colours that make a zing, more neutral colours can be found too, of course. From classic black and contemporary tan to bright whites and warm beiges – they will still get you noticed.

Or why not pair some classic colours with funkier brights? Mixing neon pinks with mellow tans is both modern and striking. Or accessorising a black, slinky dress with a bold coloured shoulder bag makes for a stylish and confident statement.

Sumptuous textures

Alongside the bold and striking colours can be found sumptuous textures. Jacquemus bags are the prime example; made from many different materials; each accessory adds a dynamic quality to any outfit. Satchels, bum bags and shoulder bags can be found in smooth leather, fluffy lambswool, stitched patches, and unusual material combinations such as rattan and leather.

Details of straps, clasps, buckles, and slip pockets are all well considered in the designs and easy to use. Accessories come in a range of sizes – from small coin purses on straps to large handbags with multiple pockets. Shop for your favourite today!

Looking to the future

With a concern for the planet, and fashion houses reflecting on their environmental impact, Porte has decided to ‘slow’ his company down. He has expressed an interest in working more minimally with fabrics, and this is evident in his non-fussy designs and the latest Jacquemus collections.

Sustainability is higher on the agenda at Jacquemus more than ever before, and the company is keeping abreast of the ‘greener’ lifestyle choices that we are all making, but without compromising their aesthetic. This brand makes imaginative clothing that will last and distinctive signature pieces that will not go out of style.

The quality of clothing Jacquemus produces is unquestionable. Although prices may be at the higher end of the budget for some, the playful, quirky and charming style Jacquemus offers is certainly an investment for those who relish designer wear that combines solid colours with contemporary cuts.

With dramatic silhouettes, striking colours, fine details and bold shapes and lines, Jacquemus is unmatched for its contemporary French chic. We dare you to take a peek and shop to expand your wardrobe with adventurous new clothing from this very on-trend label. So, why not create a new narrative for your lifestyle and choose from the Jacquemus collections we offer at Miinto today?


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