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Marc Cain

Marc Cain was established in 1973 by Helmut Schlotterer in Italy, but now the headquarters are located in the German city of Bodelshausen. The brand initially began by producing knitwear that combined innovative design with luxury and comfort. Now the company has grown internationally and is known as one of the most prestigious German clothing brands. All of the company’s fabrics, jerseys, and woven textiles are primarily sourced from Italy and Europe.

Marc Cain promises the highest quality

To ensure high quality and comfortability, the final processing of the line takes place in Germany, where the company has advanced knitting machines to ensure seamless quality control. There, they can play with current trends, and new designs are effortlessly transformed into reality and tested on-site. This brand spearheads innovation in knitwear and demonstrates a flair for creativity and bright ideas.

Most importantly, fashion from Marc Cain is versatile. You can always count on the brand to create a tasteful balance. When the cut is classic, the material is modern, and when the print is bold, the colour is sensible whilst still being in harmony with the design. These contrasts come together to give an innovative and trendy look. Comfort is considered a necessity; that’s why the brand promises to use only the finest and ethically sourced materials.

The brand has its own quality assurance laboratory, ensuring all materials are put to the test. Over 31,000 tests are performed, such as pilling behaviour, water fastness, durability, etc. Marc Cain’s commitment to making long-lasting, high-quality clothing is one of the many reasons we offer their brand at Miinto.

Sustainable and Stylish

Marc Cain is committed to sustainability and makes environmentally ethical products. Featherless insulation is used in some of their garments which is made from 75% or 100% certified recycled synthetic material. They no longer use fur, exotic skins, or angora wool, replacing them with high-quality faux alternatives instead. Their merino wool, mohair, and cashmere fibres are only sourced from companies that take animal welfare seriously.

With 70% of all its materials being produced in Europe, Marc Cain remains one of the few brands that still run production lines locally. In turn, this cuts CO2 emissions by reducing the need for international transport. This brand is also a member of the BCI (the Better Cotton Initiative), promising to use recycled and organic cotton. With well-considered and carefully sourced materials, this label offers ethical fashion choices with longevity.

Innovation in fashion

Marc Cain pioneered the knitting industry by investing early on with electronically-controlled knitting machines for his business. In 2013 a new process called the ’3-D Knit & Wear’ were introduced. Different clothing items in are completed in one step, and a variety of designs are made possible by this process. Plain knit, ribbed, crossways and braided patterns have never been easier, and this all takes place at their headquarters in Bodelshausen.

The brand was also one of the first to take advantage of digital printing. In the late 1990s, Marc Cain had machines and systems designed explicitly so that different materials could be printed directly at the headquarters. The brand uses specially made reactive dyes that produce vivid, bright colours and prints. The dye doesn’t just lie on top of the fibre but penetrates it, causing a permanent bond, ensuring longevity in your favourite pieces and prints that will not break or tear whilst still retaining the original feel of the knitted fabric.

Award-Winning Knit

Marc Cain boasts many awards and recognition for their supreme and fashionable knitwear. In 2012 they were given the Forum Prize of the TextilWirtschaft. In 2013 They took home the Drapers Independent Award; they’ve also been awarded the Freudin Perfect Piece Award ten times. In addition to all of this, the brand received the Top 100 seal as one of the most innovative companies. You can rest assured that Marc Cain cares about its customers and offers luxury knit that will make you feel like a star.

Fashion with personality

Marc Cain is committed to making strides in the fashion world by creating unique and distinctive designs to complement the personalities of the people who wear them – confident and modern women who love to step outside the box and experiment with their look.

The brand offers trendy, sporty athleisurewear that combines a modern look with functionality and performance awareness. You can dress down an outfit with a pair of sleek sneakers and a matching jogging set, or dress up a jogging set with some fine jewellery, exclusive sunglasses, and a strappy bag. They also offer an Essentials collection for timeless classics with gorgeous tailoring, a flattering cut, and the use of the highest quality materials to make you look as good as you feel.

Marc Cain also offers separate collections that include outdoor wear, leather clothing and accessories, business wear, business casual clothing, denim for everyday wear, and blouses and trousers for women. Marc Cain wants women to feel comfortable, confident and curious; their fashion complements the femininity and power that a woman holds.

The company’s love of knitting is still at the centre of their brand, enabling them to climb to the top of the ranks in women’s fashion whilst remaining true to their roots. Marc Cain believes fashion should be daring. It should excite with vibrant, loud colours and boundary-breaking, unusual patterns. If you’re not ready to take the plunge into the strongest colours on offer, the brand also presents a range of timeless basics and flattering earthy tones.

The collections are vast - blouses, accessories, trousers, and dresses can all be sourced and mixed and matched – ensuring a wide choice to suit all tastes. Search for fun and wild, or classic and chic, across their collections. You’ll be sure to find something to suit your personality, as this iconic German fashion brand truly has something for everyone.

At Miinto, we sell Marc Cain because of their commitment to sustainability and style. You can choose from the seven sizes we have available from 34 to 46. The options are endless and versatile, so why not browse our collections now? For even more versatility, it’s also possible to pair this label with other exclusive brands such as Saint Laurent, Off-White and Moncler.


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