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Having weathered more than three successful decades in the American fashion empire, Marc Jacobs has become a household name for his luxury designs and exclusive collections. The pioneering designer has attracted a significant following for his one-of-a-kind and contemporary creations. His unique take on style demonstrates cutting-edge flair and keen insight into cultural phenomenon. The eponymous collections reappropriate traditional and retro looks with a modern twist – resulting in a reinvention of fashion that harnesses worldwide appeal.

The bold, original expressions reformat classic patterns in womenswear, menswear and accessories. In addition to these collections are the designer's makeup and fragrance lines as well as additional clothing collections such as children’s apparel. Fresh shapes, colours and textures impart a youthful and modern air to retro-inspired pieces. Through hard work, dedication and what fashion enthusiasts recognise as a spark of genius, Marc Jacobs has certainly made a name for himself through the many years of his professional career and the contemporary fashion world recognises him today as a spearhead of style.

Marc Jacobs – the eponymous fashion label

Together with Robert Duffy, the innovative designer first launched the brand back in 1984. They founded the label on their mutual enthusiasm for high-quality fashion. Harmonising a balance between classic looks and fashion-forward designs, the brand presents an inimitable blend of tradition and originality. With sensitivity and consideration, Marc Jacobs reflects on the contemporary cultural moment and weaves it into the designs. This awareness infuses the lie-ups with intentionality and an ongoing self-reflective narrative that people can relate to through fashion. In this way, the clothing becomes much more than just practical or even aesthetic – it serves as a statement of individuality as well as a modern expression of how recent decades have shaped the culture and fashion community.

The qualities of being genuine, revolutionary, surprising, and inventive define the exclusive label. Making things anew, such as recreating a vintage style is a hallmark feature of the exclusive brand. As the designer himself comments, “I am neither an American nor a French designer; I am just a designer. We have a real freedom to explore and collaborate with those around us. We’re constantly rethinking and reinventing ourselves.” Marc Jacobs self-reflection and sharp insight is not limited to his excellence in design, as he has directed his sensitivities toward a number of humanitarian efforts. The outcome of these concerted altruistic efforts has been the assistance to more than 75 charitable organisations worldwide.

An unforgettable face of fashion

Marc Jacobs has continuously infused innovation and originality into the world of fashion. His trend-setting designs have earned him significant recognition and prestige among celebrities, experts and fashion-enthusiasts alike. For example, the Council of Fashion Designers of America selected him as the recipient of the New Fashion Talent award, and then up-and-coming designer, to become the youngest person to ever have received this honour. In addition, the luxury brand Louis Vuitton chose him to serve as their artistic director, where he worked for sixteen years, from 1997 to 2003.

With best-sellers and wow-factor it-items in all of his collections, it is difficult to select a single look as representative of his comprehensive work. If pressed to come to a decision, however, it is arguably his 1990s grunge collection that has been most influential. Truly ahead of his times, the collection was highly streetwear-inspired in a style that remains popular even today. At the time it attracted very mixed reviews and he even lost his job after the show due to the extreme dislike that it incurred. On the other side of this sharp division in how people viewed the collections, it stimulated enormous appeal to the degree that it launched the grunge movement of that decade. The extraordinarily avant-garde designer has the capacity to see beauty and potential that is not immediately apparent. According to him, “It’s the things that aren’t accepted as conventionally beautiful that I find more attractive.”

“Daisy Dream” and accessories galore

Aside from his ready-to-wear collections, Marc Jacobs has made a dramatic splash in other fashion branches including accessories, makeup and fragrances. The full portfolio beauty collection delivers an extensive range of select cosmetics and elegant perfumes, such as “Daisy” and “Daisy Dream.” The floral base has hints of berry accents, in a modern feminine scent that gives an extra dimension to the pret-a-porter garments. Writer and director, Sofia Coppola, directed the advertising campaign for “Daisy Dream,” who has also been an intimate part of Marc Jacobs creative vision. Since becoming friends in the early 1990s, the two have worked together on various projects.

The designer has considered Sofia Coppola as his muse as the creative writer’s free-spirited nature embodies the brand’s artistic vision. Marc Jacobs has spoken very highly of the writer, “Young and sweet and innocent and beautiful. The epitome of the girl I fantasise about.” Besides her input in the fragrance ads, in 2001 she featured as the model for Marc Jacobs initial handbag line-up. Handbags are perhaps the most iconic item of all Marc Jacobs accessories, from the pioneering collection in 2001. From crossbodies and shoulder bags, to satchel bags, mini bags and bucket bags, the parade of exciting colours and shapes capture each season’s trends.

The iconic Marc Jacobs tote bag

Of all the bags in these designer collections, the most iconic is the Marc Jacobs tote bag. The self-descriptive tote bag comes in a wide variety of patterns, colours, sizes and textures with the unifying features of a square shape featuring the designer’s name across the front under the words “The Tote Bag” in bold, capitalised letters. Ideal as a stylish way to stash all your essentials when you are on-the-go, the sturdy construction of the tote and its superior craftsmanship demonstrate an exquisite example of practical fashion at its finest.

The extensive array of styles is a tribute to the bag’s enormous popularity, coming in leather and canvas variations, all colours of the rainbow, and various sizes. The Marc Jacobs website includes a size guide specifically for the tote bags, that describes the four sizes, their dimensions and what kind of items will fit inside each respective size. So no matter whether you choose the micro, mini, medium or large, you will have just the right amount of space you need.

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Marc Jacobs

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