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Moncler’s iconic and recognisable jackets are designed to keep you warm and cosy whilst allowing you the opportunity to express a chic and sporty vibe. From warm, padded jackets to stylish accessories and casual clothing, Moncler nails the balance between a chic look and a smart edge. Discover the brand’s roots and origins by browsing their outerwear, clothing and accessories.

Moncler’s rich history

The brand was first established over 50 years ago, in 1952, by Rene Ramillon and Andre Vincent in a small French village. Their first designs were based on outer and sportswear that were created to protect workers from the cold climate and environment. Moncler then went on to create sports and skiwear for the winter Olympic Games in 1968 and became the official supplier to the French national ski team. This legacy can still be seen in Moncler’s designs today. Many of their current collections incorporate an athletic element – perhaps as a nod to the brand’s history. This rich story behind Moncler boosts the authenticity of their clothing collections. The brand has expertise within this field and delivers cool, sporty clothing with a modern and contemporary twist.

The iconic Moncler jacket

The brand’s jackets are undoubtedly the most iconic garment of their collections. The puffed and padded design makes them perfect for cold, chilly weather. Moncler jackets will keep you cosy and warm and protect you from winter’s harshest of weathers. At the same time, you will continue to look smart, polished and elegant with Moncler’s clean-cut designs and high-quality materials. Moncler’s padded jackets are lined with down and feathers to conserve heat whilst adding a touch of luxury at the same time.

You can also find vibrantly printed jackets to wear when out running; these are twinned with dog coats so your pet can accompany you whilst sporting a matching design. When faced with unpredictable elements, it’s important to shop for high-quality rain jackets to keep you dry even in the lightest of rains. Why not pair a fitted trench coat over a dress for a feminine feel that doesn’t compromise on warmth or comfort? Whatever jacket you choose, you will be ensured of a high-quality garment that will be long-lasting and iconic.

Athleisure made cool

Everyone needs a down day to relax and unwind from life’s everyday stresses. In Moncler’s designs, you can look stylish whilst relaxing, and truly enjoy and appreciate your downtime. With Moncler’s comfortable sweatpants and warm, snuggly sweatshirts, you can fully relax and unwind without any restrictions or limitations. You will still look timeless with sleek designs that never go out of fashion. Create a cool look and team some comfortable trainers with Moncler’s sweatpants and sweatshirts for a casual weekend feel that will still ooze an elegant and opulent edge.

More than just style

Moncler combines function with finesse; whilst they have undoubtedly perfected winterwear, they’ve also added footwear for bright sunny days. Pair a swimsuit with stylish sliders to stay comfortable by the pool, or beat the heat with smooth leather sandals while you go about your day. Rock a bright patterned pair of trainers as you work out at the gym, or choose a sleek sneaker to add to your wardrobe as a basic staple. In Moncler’s chunky, well-insulated boots, you’ll feel warm and sporty, despite those harsh winter winds. Alternatively, an urban combat boot will add an edge to your outfit across all the seasons.

Protecting the environment

Protecting you from the environment is not the only thing Moncler does best. They have implemented a commendable sustainability process to reduce their footprint on the planet. The brand takes responsible sourcing seriously. They work with their suppliers to ensure there are legal labour rights, correct animal welfare regulations, and safe working environments for employees. Moncler has reduced their CO2 emissions and indirect and direct energy consumption, and continues to set goals to increase these reductions further.

Throughout their offices and on their industrial lines, Moncler uses 100% renewable and recyclable paper, packaging, and plastic. The brand also uses recycled feathers in their down jackets, and sustainable materials in their collections. In their BIO based line, they have a jacket solely made from plant-based fabrics, so you don’t have to worry about ‘environmental costs’ when wearing it.

Accessories with a sporty edge

Whether you are looking for a new pair of trainers, or perhaps a new handbag or warm hat, with Moncler, the selection is plentiful. Are you looking for comfort that isn’t frumpy? Then try a pair of gloves tailored with luxurious lamb leather to add a pop of colour on those dull winter days.

Looking good whilst carrying your things around is easy with the variety of bags this brand offers. You can sport a bright and bold shoulder bag with a trendy quilted design that will protect your belongings whilst still leaving you looking cute. Or maybe you’d rather have something more classic and understated with leather trims, like a military-styled handbag? Whether you need a small belt bag that will easily pair with any look, or a big urban backpack with secure straps, Moncler offers a choice for you.

You can easily elevate your outfit with a trendy pair of chunky sneakers or perhaps go from day to night by simply switching up your Moncler handbag. Grab your favourite Moncler clutch and easily transform your look from office wear to party wear.

Easily shop Moncler at Miinto

Whether you are looking to purchase the iconic Moncler jacket, or shop the whole collection, you can find much to choose from at Miinto. The sporty, athletic details of Moncler pay homage to the brand’s authentic and genuine heritage, and this charming story of their origins of the brand makes Moncler a trusted and reliable label that offers smart yet fashionable, outerwear and clothing.


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