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No Nationality 07 prides itself on making easy to wear, comfortable clothes that are reliable, efficient, long-lasting and ethically sound. From natural materials and blends of fibres, their textiles are elegant and timeless pieces that you will have - and wear - for years to come. Their menswear range may look plain and simple, but much thought and consideration go into their refined and timely designs.

NN07 – natural and earthy

From classic khakis and off-white vanillas to kangaroo browns and beautiful burnt reds, NN07 sure know how to work their colour palettes. Their colour ranges are muted yet vibrant and are deliberately crafted to suit all skin tones; diversity in life is an important part of the ethos of this brand. And most of their collections have an androgynous appeal, so would suit all genders as well as a wide scope of ages, wherever, whenever. There are no limits or boundaries set by this cool, on-trend company.

Their understated earthy colours are lifted and complemented with rich mustards and navy blues, ensuring a fabulous ‘mix and match’ vibe and opportunity across their collections. Soft and pale, or strong and classic - most designs come in multiple colour options.

NN07’s choice of natural materials is a conscious one and must be applauded. They expect their garments to wash and wear well and to feel good and last for years, even if worn every day. From polo shirts to overshirts and trousers to knitted vests, fabrics have been selected for their comfort, feel and longevity. Every item has been crafted from ethically produced materials to work a wardrobe for a practical and easy lifestyle.

Pared down design

Classic lines, simple silhouettes, and fabrics that feel soft to the touch form the basis of NN07’s brand. Every detail – from collar shape and unfussy fastenings to garment structure and blended stitching – is considered and refined early on in the design process. This makes for sleek, practical pieces that are well-balanced and expertly curated.

A dedication to smooth forms and pared-down design shows right across NN07’s collections. Logos are not always apparent or obvious, and patterns are smart and contemporary. Stripes are conventional yet modern, and pockets are functional and efficient. Easy everyday wear with style is what you get with this brand, and their staples can be dressed up or down for office or party, beach or town.

Feel great in NN07

By paring down and cutting out the non-necessary, NN07’s designs are easy pieces to wear. Each item is adaptable and can be layered, making it super easy to merge collections and extend your wardrobe season.

With their timeless approach to design, soft and comfortable textiles, and a healthy and responsible attitude to the environment, you can be assured of feeling relaxed and comfortable sporting this brand.

At Miinto, we recognise a company that prides itself on a cool design ethic, and we are very happy to represent a range of NN07’s collections.

Feeling good is important, but feeling great in responsibly made design is even better.


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