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Paul Smith

“Classic with a twist”. A simple, yet perfect way to describe Paul Smith. The British brand, established in 1970, balances between casual and formal by drawing inspiration from both. It stands between high fashion and formalwear and creatively combines tradition and modernity.

Paul Smith is the epitome of British fashion and always adds a touch of the iconic dry British humour to its designs. The brand never takes itself too seriously and likes to experiment, while simultaneously staying deeply rooted in a classic and simple style. In this way, creations from Paul Smith will give you the best of both worlds. Find our selection of stylish items for both men and women below.

Paul Smith for any occasion

In the Paul Smith range, you will find clothes for everyday life, glamorous parties – and everything in between. The brand combines formal and casual in the finest way, and it allows you to find creations that you can enjoy again and again. Whatever the occasion, your pieces from Paul Smith can be dressed up or down, as it suits you best. This means that you can get more out of your clothes and wear them in multiple interesting ways.

The selection from the ingenious British brand is not limited to clothes, however. You can also explore their range of shoes, bags and other accessories, all there to help elevate your look into something very special. As we all know, it is usually the accessories that add the finishing touch to a look, so have a browse at the selection on this page and get ready to fall in love.

Let the modern and the simple go hand in hand

Classic British fashion is known for being stylish, elegant and simple. This is a fixed part of Paul Smith's DNA. At the same time, it is a modern brand that has an eye for the latest trends, and one that is not afraid to experiment and wander down new, unknown paths. By doing so, Paul Smith always continues to surprise.

Because Paul Smith works at the crossroads between state-of-the-art and classic, you have every opportunity to pull your outfit in the desired direction when dressing in creations from the British brand.

If you combine some of their unique and different items with more subtle finds, you will achieve a very special look that reflects your style. If, on the other hand, you go for some of their more classic creations and combine these with other simple designs, you will achieve an elegant and timeless look. One thing is certain; there will always be some kind of twist when shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories from Paul Smith.

A wide range of originality

On this page you will find our complete selection of items from the quirky, English brand. There are multiple garments to choose from and in addition to these, you will also find shoes, belts, bags, cufflinks and many other types of accessories. In other words – everything you need to create a complete look.


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