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Imagine a combination of a laid-back, rustic French farmhouse ambience, combined with a 1970’s classic and sensuous garment form, with a modern twist of couture and delicate natural fabrics, and you will begin to picture the boho vibe and chic look that defines Sessun. Their everyday work clothes with gracefully added touches of elegance and mystique, combined with classic hemlines and structure, with carefully considered embellishments, are totally on point.

Sessun – contemporary boho chic

Influences from landscape and lifestyle collide with natural materials and uncomplicated lines to create a fresh yet retro look. Vintage touches of embroidery and unfussy prints spill over into practical and comforting textiles with patterns and silhouettes that reflect elegance and charm.

Sessun are renowned for creating functional wear that is comfortable and everyday practical attire whilst being decorative, feminine and enchanting. Their vision is to create fine garments without clichés; their brand oozes effortless and understated flair. And at Miinto, we offer you a comprehensive collection from this contemporary company to entice you to expand your wardrobe with style and character.

Whether you are looking for a dress that is mini, midi or maxi, a neckline that is simple, decorative or a focal point, or jeans that are high waist, slim or flared, Sessun has got you covered. From prints and patterns, one-piece outfits or two, or accessories and shoes to match, your wardrobe will be complete with this on vogue brand and its contemporary boho-chic vibe.

Details and surfaces with impact

Drawing from an authentic homage to a Provençal heritage, Sessun’s attention to detail is spot on. Embellishments are delicate and fine and in proportion to functionality, but decorations, frills and edges have been given as much consideration as garment structure and form. It’s these details of printed patterns and embroidered motifs or delicate pintucks and shoulder lines - poetic and poignant - that add attractiveness and charm to each design.

Braids and frayed edges, lace and coloured stitching, pockets and matching buttons add impact to well-selected textiles and surfaces without being too elaborate or twee. Carefully chosen accents add vibrancy and complementary contrasts to balanced forms to create attractive collections that are versatile and effortless to wear.

Sessun – flowing flexibility

This brand’s flowing textiles offer comfort and flexibility. Blouses can be left loose, buttoned up, tucked in, belted, or worn as an extra layer over jeans and a t-shirt. All combinations will look cool and chic. Thick jumpers and chunky knits can be teamed with skirts or trousers, adding volume and focus to simple staples and extending and layering a warm-weather wardrobe across the seasons.

Honest and uncomplicated, yet comfortable and individual, Sessun offers an extensive selection of wardrobe essentials to suit a broad range of tastes. Their designs are enticing and practical, of excellent value, and they will deliver you a nod to that expressive boho-chic look you’ve been searching for.

Clothing with attitude, combined with a fine and uncompromised traditional quality, is what Sessun’s clothes are all about. Shop now to update your wardrobe with a touch of contemporary French style.


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