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Versace is an Italian luxury fashion company created by famous designer Gianni Versace and has been producing clothes in the industry for over four decades. It’s worn and adored by many fashion elite, celebrities, and even royalty. Giorgio Armani has even referred to him as a “great creator.” Known for its glamour, unique branding, and eye-catching designs, the brand has been one of the top fashion houses in the world for decades. With gorgeous, well-made, and high-quality materials, your wardrobe could benefit from having a Versace piece added to your collection. At Miinto, we have thousands of Versace products to choose from, and you will have a hard time leaving without something that you love.

The beginning of an icon

You could say that Gianni Versace was destined to be in fashion. He was born in Italy, where his mother was a dressmaker who owned her own sewing business. Gianni began his apprenticeship at a very young age working alongside his mother and other sewists, and he then left his mother’s shop to work in fashion design at the age of 26. Soon after that, he opened his boutique in Milan, and he was one of the first designers in charge of marketing, displaying, and designing every part of his brand. Having so much control over his designs gave him leverage over other boutiques at the time. And it wasn’t long after that, that his boutique soon began to catch the eyes of the international fashion scene.

With bold patterns, provocative designs, and bright colours, his work was considered very refreshing compared to other fashion houses at the time. He was known for constantly pushing the boundaries of fashion, relying heavily on using sex appeal and fantasy. He has referred to Versace as creating fashion “for the mistress, not the wife.” He was also known to be inspired by Andy Warhol, Greek History, and Roman art. His career was tragically cut short when he was assassinated, but the brand still thrives and lives on with Donatella Versace as the artistic director.

Shop Versace shoes

Versace has you covered from the top of your head all the way down to your feet, and every product is designed to make you feel special, including your shoes. For both men and women, Versace gives you plenty of options to choose from when it comes to daring and top-notch footwear. If your style leans more towards streetwear or techwear, you’d probably be drawn to black leather lace-up ankle boots with strappy details or a classic military boot with chains, logo platform, and matte finish. If you’re looking for a softly inspired throwback, maybe you’d prefer chunky platforms in bright pastel pink, or if you prefer a more traditional glamorous look, a pair of strappy stilettos in a sparkly coloured gold might be a better choice.

No matter the event, whether it’s sliders for a day in, or it’s loafers for a day at the office, a pair of chunky trainers for a walk around the city, or sexy heels for a more formal event, there are so many styles, options, and designs to choose from. No matter how you dress, we have shoes for those that prefer over the top and for those that may like a more understated style - at least, as understated as you can get with Versace.

Unique and vibrant designs

Every part of the Versace brand has been thought out and carries meaning. For example, the logo is Medusa’s head. It was inspired by a place where the Versace siblings played as children. Medusa is from Greek mythology. She held a strong power, and Gianni chose her to be the logo because she made people fall in love with her, and he wanted the same for people who wore his brand. Versace is all about feeling sexy, confident, and standing out from the crowd. The fashion house gives you a choice to dress how you want. It’s totally up to you whether you want to wear a bright dress that hugs your body in all the right places or flattering, unique prints that are sure to have your name on everyone’s lips. You might want to go with a gorgeous floor-length gown with delicate details for something more sleek and classic.

If you are one for loving art, theatre, and drama, all of that can be seen in Versace designs. You are sure to feel like the star of the show when draped in bold, thick designs around vivid prints, gorgeous bodysuits, or brazenly coloured lush robes. The brand is fantasy, it’s innovative, and it’s completely up to you on how you style it.

Add final touches with Versace accessories

Accessories can elevate an outfit and can be used to bring different pieces together. Arguably they are the most important thing when creating a look, and they show that you pay attention to the small details and add thought to an outfit. For example, adding a thin belt around a skirt brings complexity to an outfit. It can make it look lavish, bring in different textures, and can add an edge to your style. Using a boldly printed headband can guide the attention to your face, or using a Greek-inspired hair clip can make a hairstyle look more put together and feminine. You can also pair your outfit with a Versace bag, whether you need something small and discreet just to hold a lipstick or an oversized tote with a bright printed design as a statement piece.

But it doesn’t just stop at accessories. The fashion house even offers something more, Versace Home, a sub-brand that brings luxury and striking designs into your own home. Style your living space with subtly printed blankets, bold decorative pieces, or take it a step further and show off with a Versace pram.

At Miinto

Our wide selection of Versace ensures that there is something for everyone and everything. Show your love for Versace with the thousands of products we offer at Miinto. We carry a wide variety, from bright designs in our selection of pillows to the newest accessories and bags. You can also dress the whole family in trendy pieces. All of our pieces are purchased from reputable dealers, so you never have to worry, and we deliver right to your door to make shopping easy, offering free shipping on orders over £100.


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