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Woolrich offers warm, cosy and practical clothing and accessories that everyone needs in their wardrobe. The brand has almost two hundred years of experience in the fashion industry and creates luxury clothing and accessories made from the finest quality materials and textiles. It’s not just about looking good either – as Woolrich responsibly uses sustainable materials, donates to charity, and more! Woolrich pieces are truly a must-have for anyone who loves being outdoors and easily mixes comfortability and functionality with modern styles that will last a life time.

Fashion through the centuries

It’s not often that you encounter a brand with over 190 years of experience in making clothing. Woolrich was originally established in 1830 by John Rich and Daniel McCormick in the north-east of the USA. The name originates from a wool mill that created socks, blankets, and eventually all types of clothing from their wool. They would travel with mule and cart, selling to their original market - the wives of trappers, loggers, hunters, and other outdoorsmen – then soon began making clothes for the American Civil War. Over the years, they released iconic pieces we still wear today, like the Buffalo Check Shirt and the Artic Parka.

More recently, however, they are a brand found all over the world for those who hear the outdoors call. With valuing product qualities like durability, freedom, and consistency, the brand lives up to its many years in the industry. With influences of contemporary European design, and designers from Japan, you get well-made, innovative, and long-lasting clothing that will always look good and keep your body heat well-regulated, no matter if you’re on mountains or in valleys.

Embrace the cold with Woolrich

Woolrich offers you the opportunity to look stylish and modern in the cold weather, so don’t let the cold breeze stop you from expressing your own individual style. Their winter clothing collection focuses on style and functionality with simple cuts and faux fur details. Their pieces are designed with flattering silhouettes that will show through even the puffiest of jackets without compromising warmth, and their water resistant, lightweight jackets will keep you warm and dry on those chilly morning hikes.

Founded in the north-east of the US, the brand is very familiar with the cold. With choices of heavy down parkas that go down to the knees, to the thick wool coats that they are known for, you’re able to keep out the harsh winter winds with chic and effective pieces. Whether you are looking for a smart, warm, knitted jumper or a faux fur-lined jacket, Woolrich can give you all you need and more for the winter months.

Quality you can rely on

The materials used in Woolrich’s collections are of the highest quality and give the wearer the best protection against the chilly and cold climate. Some of their materials are ones they’ve been using since the beginning, like wool, and down from ducks and geese. Wool is well known for being a natural and high-performing material. It is antibacterial and microbial, stain resistant, moisture-wicking, and regulates body heat, whilst being durable and guaranteeing to last you for years to come. Down is warmer than synthetic fibres, and the flexibility of the feathers allows it to conform to any body shape more easily. What’s more, Woolrich’s down comes from the food industry, eliminating unnecessary waste.

Woolrich offers many different styles within their expansive and diverse collections. Maybe you are looking for a sleek parka for your morning commute to work? Or perhaps you’re going up to a cabin and need a thick jacket with a snuggly hood and a chic belt? Whatever the occasion, and whatever the winter temperatures bring, face the weather head-on, without fear, and don’t shy away from getting the fresh air you deserve in the frigid winter season.

Invest for the outdoors

The styles from Woolrich are timeless and can be worn with any outfit. With a large focus on quality and craftsmanship, you get simple, sleek creations to mix and match throughout your wardrobe. The proof is found in designs that are still used today. Their checkered patterns provide high-quality clothing that you can be sure will never go out of style. Their minimal designs and smooth silhouettes give a classic but modern flair. And their Arctic Parka is something that you can throw over your outfit to fully embrace the elements and stay cosy. They are a great investment and will end up paying for themselves.

Level up your wardrobe with Woolrich clothing

The timeless silhouettes stand the test of time and stay stylish no matter what the trends are, but let’s talk accessories. You can easily style the clothing with the right accessories depending on the occasion and season. Pair a turtleneck sweater, a slim fit chino, black leather booties and delicate jewellery for a more formal event. For a more casual look, wear your favourite trainers, a cap, and an oversized, warm long-sleeve to relax and unwind.

The brand places a large focus on creating clothing that is wearable and versatile. Through the subtle details of the garments and accessories, Woolrich adds elegance and luxury. The details in the garments can be seen in the branding and subtle patterns that give a touch of interest without being overly flashy.

Sustainability meets fashion

Woolrich is the oldest clothing manufacturer in the United States, but that doesn’t mean they are behind the times; in fact they help to combat climate change in a variety of ways. By using materials that are environmentally friendly, recycled, and designing pieces made to last, they are able to reduce their impact on the environment. They have also founded the Woolrich Outdoor Foundation, which has collaborated with other global non-profit organisations to protect forests, keep coastlines clean, and fund urban renewal projects. They also believe in supporting diversity and keeping things inclusive by partnering with projects that help LGBTQ and BIPOC communities.

At Miinto, we bring you thousands of choices of high fashion, well-made, and long lasting clothing. Whether you want to dress warmly with Woolrich, or other iconic brands like Balmain, Givenchy, or Balenciaga, we bring thousands of options for you to choose from all in one place. All with free shipping on orders over £100 and delivered right to your door.


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