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Y-3 describes their style as ‘avant-garde meets sport’; they make luxurious, comfortable clothes that don’t compromise style. Their collections are modern and urban with an expression that showcases the innovation and successful experiments from Yohji Yamamoto. This brand offers the best of both worlds - traditional sportswear mixed with everyday functionality with fashionable highlights.

The clothes inspire trendsetters, as they are stylish, bold and striking, and comfortable to wear. At Miinto, you can find a massive selection from the brand for both men and women alike.

Where it all began

Yohji Yamamoto was born in Tokyo and originally graduated with a degree in law in 1966. He decided to leave his legal career behind to assist his mother with her dressmaking business. This sparked something in him, and it’s where he learned his tailoring skills. Yohji Yamamoto returned to college to study fashion and graduated in 1969. He first debuted in Tokyo in 1977 with an innovative look - he wanted typical men’s clothes to look good on women.

He began his business in Tokyo, but then his reach quickly moved to Parish and New York, and now his name is known around the world. When this innovative Japanese fashion designer teamed up with Adidas to create sportswear and fashion, Y-3 was born. Launched in 2002, the iconic brand was amongst the first to develop fashionable athleisure wear. Since its conception, the brand continues to be at the forefront of the high-end sportswear industry.

Y-3 is beyond stereotypes

This brand is best known for its fashionable footwear, but it also has a lot more to offer, from athletic bottoms to urban tops. The oversized hoodies and baggy sweatpants provide an urban edge and drape the body in a flattering way, and this brand offers experimentation and plenty of options to create the look you want - all catered to your needs. It pushes the boundaries of gendered expression to allow you to wear what makes you feel best. The collections are designed for both men and women, and they can be mixed and matched.

Feed your ‘feminine’ side

There is something for everyone, and Y-3 expertly pairs delicate touches with a sleek edge to emphasise and flatter a silhouette. If you want something softer, there are more ‘feminine’ collections, which offer dresses, skirts, crop tops and flowy or tight-fitting tops in addition to sportswear. A popular outfit is the T-shirt dress in a loose fit, which can be paired with sleek trainers, statement sunglasses and a belt bag to create a cool and on-trend look.

Feel free to experiment with endless high-quality pieces that are sure to become staples in your wardrobe. If you want something that will hug the body and be a proper fit, try a crop top to show off your waist or a top in a soft, stretchy material that will flatter every curve. If you’re looking for something a little more laid back and flowy, you can try oversized options in sweatshirts or tees, or joggers paired with a cap and white trainers; you can create a casual but put-together outfit. Or look sporty and bright with swim options that will make you look like you’re catching waves in California.

Make the most of masculine

The ‘masculine’ collections offer trousers, shorts, shirts and T-shirts. A go-to look is black on black: black shorts, black T-shirt, black jacket, black cap and black trainers. Yohji Yamamoto has said that black adds mystery and adds an edge to the wearer. The common denominator for the collections is that they’re designed for the people who want to stand out and be different. Innovative fashion, good quality and aesthetics are three of the cornerstones that make Y-3 so successful.

For a more rugged look, you can peruse through the’ masculine’ options; if you’re looking for an everyday outfit, you can pair an oversized tee with a black cap and some loose fitting shorts with white slip-ons. Or elevate the athleisure wear with an urban polo in a bright colour, some light-coloured chinos and your favourite pair of trainers. If you want to hit the gym, try some of the stylish and breathable Y-3 workout clothes that are sure to keep you as cool as you look. No matter what you choose, you will be given comfortable, functional and modern clothing with an urban edge that will not go out of style.

Aesthetic accessories all year round

Your wardrobe doesn’t end with just clothes but with accessories such as bags, belts, caps, and sunglasses. You can take an outfit to the next level, make pieces more cohesive, or even add pops of colour or texture by simply adding a bag or hat. Y-3 accessories were created to effortlessly combine functionality with timeless and innovative designs. You can throw on a vibrant backpack over your all-black workout wear for an eye-catching piece that can hold all your gym gear. Or walk around the city with a belt bag in a unique texture that doesn’t draw attention but adds a finishing touch to an urban look.

Y-3: clothes with meaning

Since its conception, Y-3 has been made with passion, meaning, and dedication. From the invention of athleisure wear to a collaboration with Virgin Galactic (the first commercial spaceline that commissioned the innovative brand to design their pilot flight suits, staff uniforms and astronaut suits), this brand continues to make waves and set itself apart. Even the name was carefully crafted: the Y stands for Yohji Yamamoto, the 3 represents Adidas’ three signature stripes, and the dash signifies the bond between the two parties.

When you buy Y-3, you get clothes and accessories made with authenticity with no compromise on quality. These designs have longevity and will last throughout the seasons; from timeless designs that are universal and great basics, to sleek futuristic pieces with an urban edge. The choices are endless, and with the freedom from traditional gender roles, you can play around for a look that is comfortable, modern, and uniquely you.

At Miinto, we offer a massive selection of high-end and name brand clothing, so you can look good without trying too hard.


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