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When finding the right trousers for the season, it is first and foremost important that they fit well. It almost goes without saying, but if your trousers do not fit well on your body, they are usually not comfortable to wear either. And if there is one thing that can put a damper on our self-confidence, it is when we don’t feel comfortable - especially when it comes to trousers.

At Miinto, we have gathered all the leading brands in trousers for girls and women who are interested in style, quality, and exclusive details. We want to offer the best and largest range to our customers, so you can always be sure to find a pair of trousers that you feel great in. With our large selection of trousers, there is plenty of opportunities to combine different styles and mix across new and retro looks. For example, combine a pair of tight jeans with a light and airy summer dress and get a relaxed, feminine, look that is perfect for both a beach day or a lunch date. Or try putting together a pair of loose trousers in a fine print with a solid-coloured top in black or white for an exclusive bohemian look that works both in the garden in a pair of sandals or at a party in high heels.

The perfect trousers

Do you want to find trousers that highlight your waist or make your legs look longer? Should your trousers be loose, or do you prefer a tighter look? The possibilities are endless, so go explore our selection and fall in love with some of the many beautiful trousers we have in stock. With the right trousers, you can create the perfect look for any occasion.

Trousers come in countless different designs and styles, both in terms of fit and materials. In our range, you can find everything from velvet trousers to linen trousers to cigarette trousers. You can also find patterned or embroidered trousers or trousers with stripes on the side which are very trendy right now.

Mix your trousers with different accessories

Styled cosy trousers have gradually become a fashion staple. A pair of comfortable trousers does not necessarily mean film night on the couch but can easily be used for a festive occasion. And you do not have to do much to spice up your look. A pair of eye-catching earrings, red lipstick, or a pair of chunky heels can make the difference between casual and cool.

Try combining your different trousers with different accessories. It's all about having the courage to jump into daring combinations of different styles. Miinto's range of trousers offers a range of exclusive brands for those who love exciting designs and do not compromise on quality. You can get everything from bold white trousers to more neutral black and blue ones in all sorts of designs.

Discover a universe of different styles and models on this page. Each one is unique in expression, and you can always find trousers that fit perfectly to your personal style and for any occasion.

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