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Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent is one of the most well-known, popular fashion brands, and their beautiful clothing and stunning accessories are strong contenders across the fashion industry. Saint Laurent offers women and men around the world a touch of elegancy and luxury. Adding a piece of Saint Laurent to your wardrobe will undoubtedly add a dash of class. Whether you are searching for a new, smart wool coat or a casual pair of jeans, Saint Laurent offers men and women an incredible selection of clothing made from the finest textiles with the highest quality of craftmanship.

The stylish story of Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent studied women’s fashion in Paris when only 17 years old. He went on to win first prize in an international design contest where his sketches caught the attention of Christian Dior. Dior immediately hired Yves Saint Laurent as his personal assistant, which gave him a perfect foundation, and the opportunity and knowledge he needed to be able to start his own brand.

The Saint Laurent label was launched in the early1960s. The talented designer was very forward-thinking for his time; the way he approached women’s fashion often caused confusion and surprise for critics. The brand offered elegant and stylish ready-to-wear clothing collections to a receptive global market, and the brand is still popular today.

Saint Laurent was most recognisably known for his take on the women’s tuxedo suit. This cutting-edge masculine design for women was a stark contrast to the highly feminine trends of the time. This iconic design helped catapult Saint Laurent’s success. He was also the designer responsible for bringing tall thigh-high boots and tight pants to the fore, as well as innovating trouser wear for women – influencing their prominence of wear for any occasion. Saint Laurent was a major pioneer in how fashion developed into what we have today.

The many faces of Saint Laurent

The brand has now expanded to other avenues and offers a wide variety of products, from clothing and accessories to makeup and shoes. It’s worn by all kinds of people but still maintains its affluent status. The brand has grown from its humble beginnings and has spread its French chicness both across its collections and across the globe.

Saint Laurent accessories include handbags, sunglasses, shoes, jewellery and much more. The brand’s handbags deserve an honourable mention, as they are consistently hitting the season’s trends. If you are looking for a small leather purse, a large shoulder bag, or a petite crossbody clutch, Saint Laurent offers you the best and daring options. Create your ultimate look with Saint Laurent accessories and add that definitive finishing touch.

With the dramatic creation of tall thigh-high boots, Saint Laurent shoes have continuously rocked and they still remain iconic. Choose from intricately designed sandals in smooth leather or unique heels that will leave you feeling empowered and confident like no other. This label even has trainers built for comfort whilst maintaining the signature style and sleekness we all know and love. Need more? The limits are endless, offering you a choice of footwear in whatever style you need.

Add the special touch of Saint Laurent to your own wardrobe by selecting something special from their huge range of accessories. Chic sunglasses will add flair to any outfit, as do high-quality belts that are both functional and sleek. Small details are important to complete the final touches of your outfit; you can find fun, bold, or timeless jewellery that can dress up, add an accent, or compliment your look. However you choose to accessorise, you will be left feeling unique, stylish, and fashion-forward.

A clothing collection to die for

Saint Laurent has created fashionable clothing collections for both men and women that feature everything from casual and everyday t-shirts to smart jackets and suit wear. The brand’s Parisian chicness is evident through its use of clean lines and tailoring. The highly recognisable and distinctive design of each collection further honours the brand’s roots. The brand uses high-quality materials that will last a long time while giving you the design and comfort you can’t live without.

This label’s collections ooze luxury and opulence. Throughout the years, the brand still remains at the top of the line. With deep, vibrant colours and luxurious textures, Saint Laurent nails a cool, trendy and modern take on fashion. By infusing functionality with a unique and daring style when you buy Saint Laurent, you are sure to be in line with the season’s trends whilst still having a timeless asset. Whether you purchase a new coat or a belt, Saint Laurent adds a touch of elegance to any outfit, with a splash of richness and grandeur.

Ethical and elegant

Whether you are looking for a lush, modern basic, or a bold, vivid print on a cut that is striking and innovative, Saint Laurent offers a vast choice for a range of budgets. You can also buy without worry, knowing that they have all their employees complete courses on promoting sustainability, protecting human rights, and implementing responsible sourcing. They have also gone above and beyond by partnering with The Institut Francais De La Mode by adding a 6-month curriculum for fashion students and employees at their company. They continue to find ways to reduce their impact on the environment and improve their contribution to the fashion world.

Loved by many celebrities around the world

The highly recognisable aspect of Saint Laurent gives the brand an incomparable quality. This can be seen in the company’s timeless logo and branding, along with their iconic, clean design. Saint Laurent has amassed many fans, including celebrities like Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne. Many male celebrity fans, including Harry Styles, Liam Hemsworth and David Beckham, have all been seen wearing Saint Laurent clothing too.


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