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Designed for those who like to be individual, Allsaints is an exciting global brand of fashionable men and womenswear, footwear and accessories. Predominantly in neutral tones, their modern classics and unusual separates can be mixed and matched across collections to create a stylish and independent look, which the company describes as a ‘uniform without uniformity’.

Originally founded in 1994 by Stuart Trevor and Kait Bologaro, Allsaints began as a wholesale menswear brand targeted to sell in high-end retail stores in London, such as Harrods and Harvey Nichols.

Although the headquarters of Allsaints remains in Spitalfields, East London, where the brand was initiated and launched, the company now has studios in Los Angeles, Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo. Impressively, less than three decades after being established, Allsaints products are easy to buy throughout the world. They now have stand-alone retail stores in 150 countries and concessions in various department outlets and online platforms such as Miinto. This on-vogue company truly is a global brand that can be bought and worn with confidence.

The Saint in Allsaints

Naming a company can be a hard decision and a tricky business. But for Stuart Trevor, his nickname - ‘The Saint’ (from his initials of ‘ST’) - was a good starting point. Given that he spent much of his time around All Saints Road in Notting Hill, London, these two strong and personal associations seemed an obvious choice for the name of his brand. Fittingly, the first stand-alone Allsaints store opened on All Saints Day in 1997.

Due to its association with a famous London Street in Notting Hill, the Allsaints brand has always been in demand and sported by celebrities. A-list stars who have been regularly snapped wearing Allsaints apparel include Selena Gomez, Ashley Greene and Jennifer Aniston. And Meghan Markle is also a fan of this designer label!

Although Trevor and Bologaro went on to establish their own namesake brand (Bolongaro Trevor), their legacy lives on stronger than ever at Allsaints, with the quintessentially British style still representing the roots of their contemporary designs.

Aesthetic, style and design

As well as being known, most famously, for its leather jackets, Allsaints represents a style that is distinctive and individual. The ‘street’ or ‘rocker’ vibe can be found in its range of ripped jeans and t-shirts, which often feature a ‘faded and lived-in’ look, but alongside, you will find delicate, flowing fabrics and soft edges across their collections. From dresses that drape in contemporary silhouettes and skirts with asymmetrical hems to coats and hats that have a cool and chic look, you will find garments to suit all tastes.

The Allsaints style is current and individual – you can wear their clothing in multiple ways – mixed and matched, stand-alone, layered or paired – you can create your own outfit from items across their collections to suit your shape, style, look and image.

Mostly, their clothing palette is neutral with no obvious logo, but if you look closely, you will find strong accent colours that give a ‘pop’ to an outfit. You will also find pretty prints in blouses and contemporary stripes in jumpers, which can add an edge when worn with plainer trousers.

Much thought goes into Allsaints designs; from straps and heel height to edges and cuffs – all are given great consideration. Their designs are flattering and wearable for all occasions - flowing dresses can be topped off with a leather jacket for a night out, and hoodies and jeans can be comfortably worn around town or house. All will look stylish!

Popular Culture Collaborations

Allsaints has long been associated with the music industry. Several musicians, such as Tinie Tempeh and Justin Timberlake, have released songs that include references to the brand in their lyrics. Other notable connections within the music industry include Kings of Leon, Echosmith and the Dum Dum Girls.

Collaborations have embraced film production, interviews, street documentaries and, of course, style and attitude – two important elements of Allsaints’ ethos and culture. By embracing different mediums - such as music and film - alongside fashion, larger audiences are reached in this digital age. In turn, this brings a greater awareness of this brand’s streetwear and outlook for having a ‘uniform without uniformity’.

Allsaints’ distinctive leather biker jackets have always been sported by fashionistas and rockers alike, and have become popular, timeless classics across all media and genres.

Looking forward

Since its launch, Allsaints has continually looked forward yet remained true to its roots. The company has kept up-to-date with policies and regulations regarding international trade, workers’ rights, and it still maintains a ‘deep commitment to responsible practice’, engaging only with product suppliers who are reputable and ethical.

In the manufacturing of fashion, the impact on the environment can take a heavy toll, so Allsaints works hard to reduce water usage, source their raw materials ethically, and takes its responsibilities as a leading global brand seriously, being members of Better Cotton Initiative and Responsible Wool Standard, as well as SEDEX and the British Leather Confederation.

Allsaints is also a forward-looking company when it comes to being transparent about their business culture, global operations and commitment to their employees. Diversity and equality are two key factors at the top of their agenda, from training and recruitment to operating an inclusive and respectful working environment. Allsaints also takes strong measures to ensure that no workers in their supply chain and manufacturing establishments are trafficked – they have been a partner of Not For Sale (a charity established to protect people against modern slavery) for almost a decade.

Don’t think they forget about caring for the planet; Allsaints has recently introduced leathers tanned with vegetables, recycled fibres, responsible wools and innovative water-saving processes.

Their versatile designer garments are affordable, made from high-quality materials, can be worn and washed with confidence, and are crafted with the environment in mind. With a worldwide customer base and an impressive celebrity following, Allsaints doesn’t just offer you fashionable and individual clothing but a total wearable experience. So why not browse their original statement pieces at Miinto right now?


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